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Deeper Than The Skin


Recently, I was going through articles of recommended books, and then I stumbled upon an article about a model named Ashley Graham and a dress she had worn to the Oscar’s. Ms. Graham is known as a “plus sized” model, personally I think she looks normal and looks absolutely gorgeous,  but that’s not the point of my article.

After reading the article about Ms. Graham, I noticed that there was more than a thousand comments on the article,  and my curiosity got the best of me. I went through pages and pages of these comments, and I was horrified. Almost every comment was bashing Ms. Graham, there were men, but predominantly more women were so critical of her and the dress she wore. One woman called her, “a fat disgusting pig”, another said that Ms. Graham needs to lose weight, and another said that “Ms. Graham needs to lose weight, even though she has a pretty face”. These comments made me turn so red and made me horrified.
Every once in a while, I did see either a man or woman who said that Ms. Graham looked stunning and was gorgeous. Which to them, I agree.

This right here, is why both women and men have body image issues. People are critical of one another. Why? Why should you judge another person’s outer appearance? You have no right to do so. Why do you care what another person wears? How much makeup a person does or does not wear, does not affect you in any way. If Ms. Graham is content with her body and is not afraid to wear what highlights her curves, why do you judge? I certainly don’t. What she wears does not affect me in any way. Personally, I couldn’t wear that dress, but that’s just I wouldn’t feel like myself in it. But for another human being to judge Ms. Graham on her body is absolutely insane. In a sense, if you do such a thing that is called bullying. And if you do it online, it’s considered cyber bullying.

Body image issues is one of the things that I’m very adamant about. I believe everyone is beautiful, and I mean everyone. You can be tall or short, thin or on the heavier side, pear shaped or straight up and down; you are beautiful. The skin that covers your entire body changes over time, you will not look like a twenty four year old when you are in your eighties. It’s just how everyone is. This society is completely and utterly divulged in vanity,  and worrying about what others look like. Forget all that nonsense and realize that beauty isn’t just what you see on the outside, it’s on the inside  (yes, it sounds cheesy, but it is true). True beauty is inside. It is in your heart, it is in your soul,  it is in your mind. That’s where true beauty lies.

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