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She is the one who nourishes our body,
She is the one who breathes life into our souls.
She is the one who we run away to,
when we wish to be alone.
She is the chirping of the bird,
She is the tune that whistles in the wind.
She is the mother of us all,
She is the protector of us all.
She rages into storms when we dishonor her,
She greets us with love on bright sunny days.
But in the end it is all the same,
She is the one that we come home to when we pass on.
– Me (She Is)

Mother nature, Gaia, Flidais; she goes by these names and more. This earth that we live on here and now, provides us with absolute love and protection, provides us with nourishment and shelter. This is the one place that we are able to only live on at this very moment, yet most of this world does not care. Most of the population does not care if they throw out their wrappers and other trash onto the side of the road. They do not care that they are destroying this beloved earth and the other inhabitants. They do not care that this beloved earth is withering away due to everyone wanting to strip down every tree to build some new pathetic shopping center. They do not care at all. But would they care if they knew all that this planet does for us?

Mother earth, or Gaia as I like to call her, provides us with oxygen from the trees that fill the national parks, forests, mountains. She provides with water from the streams, river beds, lakes and oceans. She provides us with shelter with already nature made areas such as caves, trees that are large enough to house a small family, and inside mountains. She protects us from disasters that come our way. When the oceans go into full force and the plate tectonics shift and collapse creating massive tsunami’s, she has shelter for us high in the trees or even far away where the water cannot reach; sadly sometimes there are those who do not make it. She has provided us with brothers and sisters from different species, man’s best friend for example or even a panda bear who wishes to give us a hug. When we sit on the ground, with the soft dirt underneath us, we can look up into the sky and see father sky and the millions of stars shining so brightly. Shining brightly for Gaia and all of her children. Shining to show their appreciation for what she holds, for what she takes care of. Do you see now? Do you see how much she does so much for us and I can guarantee that you probably didn’t even take any of this into consideration.

The air has become stiff from all of the pollution that has been created by mankind, the birds fly far away from us due to the fact that each major city is destroying not only the sky but the earth along with it, and there are very few trees left in the major cities to help release enough oxygen for all of us. The highways, fields, oceans and other areas of the world are becoming polluted by trash that people throw out of the car as they are moving. They throw their cigarette butts out the window, igniting fires and burning up major areas that need to be protected. Right now, as you are reading this article, our mother earth is in terrible danger from the damage that mankind has been afflicting on her since man decided to take over this planet. She is withering away and there are a lot of people who do not care. They do not care that their beloved home planet is withering away and someday soon she will not be able to take care of us anymore. And when that day comes, everyone will either have forgotten and do not give a rats a**, or they will begin to question how did it happen and they will think that they can revive her when it will actually be too late.
Thankfully, right now at this very moment, it is not too late. We can actually do something to make sure she does not deteriorate. Pick up all trash on the highways, in the streams, in the oceans. Clean out the oil from the ocean, and that is seeping into the lands where the animals roam. Grow more trees, so they can provide oxygen and revive this earth and bring it a new beginning. There is hope for this planet, but in order to make anything happen, we must all work together and make this earth healthier for generations to come. I would want all of my nieces, nephews, and future grandchildren and several generations of grandchildren to be able to live on a healthy planet where they can be happy and healthy themselves. Because Gaia has taken good care of them. And because we have taken good care of Gaia ourselves.

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