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Meditating to Heal


Meditation is a beautiful thing. It helps heal you from the inside of your body to the outside. It releases all of the negative toxins out of your body and replaces it with brand new positive energy. On top of that, your soul feels rejuvenated and your body feels lighter, as if you are walking on air. Besides all of this, meditation awakens you. It awakens your soul, your mind and your heart. You are able to find your true self. You are able to find your true path. You are able to finally be you in this crazy messed up world. Personally, I love meditating. I practice it everyday. For me, I am able to stay sane. For me, I am able to allow my creativity flow out of me and create who I am to become.

That is what meditation is. It brings you to your divine self. No I’m not talking about a God(s). I’m talking about the divine self that is within you. The inner self that is holding large amounts of knowledge, compassion, enlightenment. Everyone has a divine self. But only a few have ever decided to venture to that part of themselves to figure out what they are capable of, what they are to become, to find out what their purpose is. That is where meditation comes in. Meditation helps the person, more specifically the soul, to venture deep inside their minds, heart and inner worlds to figure out everything about themselves. On top of that, meditation also helps a soul seek the enlightenment that it so desperately wishes to achieve, I know this due to the fact that I have always sought out enlightenment. It is an unusual path, but it truly is rather invigorating and one I highly recommend, if  and only if it is part of the path that is laid out for you. When I speak of paths, I speak of the path that the Universe has created for you. Not a religion nor a God that has created for you, but the Universe. The Universe has held the paths of every human since the dawn of time. It has created the small paths that some are meant to take since for some unknown reason they won’t live as long, and the Universe has created the longer paths for those who will be around for some time. Each person is unique and the Universe knows of this. I know, it sounds funny. Especially to those who follow a specific religion. But for me, it is not unusual. Due to the fact that I am part Native American and Druid, and we believe in the Universe and believe in the fact that the Universe has more control over the paths that are presented to us. When a person meditates, the Universe is able to show that person through the meditation in some way where they are going and who they are going to become. Meditation is such a beautiful thing, and to be able to connect with the Universe in a meditation session is truly remarkable.

At the young age of twelve, I began to meditate. I always enjoyed meditating before bed because it would help me sleep better. But over the years, I have expanded my knowledge and have been able to create my own meditation world (s), and have been able to control the area that I want to go to in my meditation state. I’ve gone deep into the oceans, deep into the forests where I have seen things that only you can see in your imagination or read in a book, and I have seen nothing but a pure white crystal mountain where other souls like mine retreated to, to meditate together.

With all of this, I have decided that I wanted to teach others how to meditate. To teach how to clean out the negative energies and bring in positive energies. To teach how to find yourself, to find out who you are meant to be, and to bring them closer with themselves, the inner divine self and with the Universe.


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