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Forgiveness. Forgiveness is one of the main things a person must do in order to finally be content, to be able to feel lifted, to be able to live their lives without fearing judgment not only from others but from themselves. It can be hard. Forgiving someone who has wronged you, who has hurt you in the most vile way possible can be the most hardest thing in the word. You fear that if you do forgive someone, you will be seen as in denial, weak and incompetent. But alas, you will not be seen as weak, you will be seen as a strong person who has decided to not have hate harbor your heart, mind and soul.

Harboring hate inside ones soul is a nuisance, it is not something that should be there. Love, gentleness, peace; those are things that should be residing in your heart, mind and soul. They are the ones that make you strong. They are the ones that give you the ability to trudge forward and be the person you are meant to be. Yes, there are people who have wronged you. Yes, there are people who have hurt you in some unmentionable ways. But to harbor such hate for them, is to harbor hate for yourself. You may feel like you could never forgive such vile acts, but you are not one to judge their actions. They are to be judged by their actions by whomever they believe in, whether it be God, Allah, Buddha, or any other spiritual leader. It is your duty to not judge, but to forgive. You can be weary all you want, be on your guard, as you should be. But forgiveness is what will set you free from hurting yourself internally and externally. For if you harbor such an emotion, you will be unable to love yourself, you will be unable to heal properly. Hate and judgment are two emotions that are natural inside a person’s mind and heart, because they are emotions that all feel. Yet, if you truly think about it. Once you have decided to forgive them, once you have decided to not pass judgment on them, you will be free. They will receive their judgment from their deities and receive whatever punishment awaits them in whatever spiritual realm they believe in. As I said before, it is not your place to harbor hate, anger or judgment in your heart, mind or soul. It is your place to harbor compassion, strength, and generosity in your heart.

It will be hard to forgive those who have wronged you, but slowly work on it. For the longest time I was angry for those who had wronged me, who had hurt me, who had cheated. But then, one day, I began to forgive them, one by one. I knew in my heart that for me to harbor such a raw, powerful, and terrifying emotion, it would make me bitter and I would someday turn against all those who I had wished to help and love. Forgiving is the first step to healing, healing the problem at hand, healing the past, and overall healing you.

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