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Book Club: April


First off, I would like to apologize for not posting in the past couple of weeks. I’ve  been busy and then I became terribly ill, thankfully I’m feeling better but I’m still dealing with coughing and getting my voice back.
Now onto the post!

For the month of April, the book that has been chosen is Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Esquivel. This book follows a young woman who goes by the name Tita who wishes to marry her lover, Pedro. Alas, her mother forbids her to marry Pedro. Instead, her mother offers a different daughter’s hand in marriage to Pedro. He only says yes to this because he wishes to be next to his one true love. Even though he is doing this to be near Tita, she is sad about the marriage. For the wedding, Tita is in charge of making the cake and food, but as she is doing this, she is crying. Her tears are falling into the mixture and then it gets baked. Everyone at the wedding eats the cake and they suddenly start crying. Later on, Tita is cooking a dinner for the family and she uses the rose petals that were given to her from Pedro. This sends her into overdrive sexually, and this emotion is baked or grilled into the food. Everyone eats the meal, and all of them start to get very sexual.
The story then gets even more fun and exotic, you need to read it. I love the book and I am currently reading it. Check it out at your local library or pick it up at your bookstore.

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