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An Herbalist Advice: Centella Asiatica


More than ten percent of Americans suffer from eczema, it is a skin condition that is red, itchy, and sometimes looks like weepy patches of skin. For the most part eczema is primarily on the face region, but they can be anywhere and everywhere on the human body. When a person who has eczema scratches at it, they tend to make it worse because the patch then becomes scaly, thicker and even infected.
It may be tempting to just tell a person with this skin condition to not scratch it, but in all honesty that is not the best thing to do. Due to the fact that the skin condition taunts the person and makes that person want to tear their face off.

Centella asiactica, also known as Gotu Kola, is a very versatile herb that can be used both externally and internally to help reduce the skin inflammation and heal any wounds that a person may have. The typical dosage for this herb is one cup of tea per day, you will steep one teaspoon of dried herb in one cup of hot water for ten minutes. Or you can take up to eight 400 to 500 milligram capsules per day; or twenty to forty drops of tincture twice per day. That is just for the internal use. For the external use, you will cool the tea above and apply it to the eczema patches with a clean cloth (it must be clean). For the most part, you can find this herb as an ingredient in herbal creams.

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