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Back to Who We Are


Everyone on this planet dreams. Some dream in vivid color, some dream in black white, some can only see pitch black but are able to hear voices in their dreams. For me, my dreams are very much real. I can see details on the smallest things in my dreams; and if I get hurt on any specific part of my body in the dream, I end up waking up with a bruise or scar in that exact same spot. This has always happened to me.

Dreams (and or visions, some call them) are meant for us to work out our problems and sort through everything. In many cases, you will receive messages in your dreams that are clear and you will receive hidden messages. Each dream is different, just like everyone on this planet is different.
In order to really pay attention to what our dreams are trying to tell us, we should write it down. I do. I have a journal where I write down both my emotions and stressful life to my dreams. Because I know my dreams are trying to tell me something that I need to know. For example, last night’s dream was showing me of a path that is for me, and was trying to steer me clear from the house that had people getting it on and junk food all around. I saw on the path only a few other people who were meant for a similar life (both spiritually and everyday life). And I knew once I had woken up, something not only inside of me, but out here in the physical world was about to change for me.

Our dreams are our inner world’s and our inner selves trying to sort themselves out and to keep us on the right path that has been designated for us. Don’t just brush them off and say they are nonsense, because you are going to find out more about yourself and heal yourself in the process.

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