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Today (Poem)


Today is the last day I stop worrying about what others say about my body.
Today is the last day I cry when I hear the words, “you are fat”.
Today is the last day I stop trying to fit in.
For today is the day I take my life by the reigns,
And steer far away.
Today is the day I begin a new path for me.
Today is the day I become fearless.
Fearless, strong and wise.
Today I sail this ship,
And set sail for what is about to happen next.
I know my body is healthy,
My heart is filled with love,
And soul is enlightened.
Now I am to set sail,
and let the universe guide me to my next destination.
The wind has cleansed me,
As the water washes the toxins away.
As the ship continues to go through the roaring seas,
I know in my soul I will soon be set completely free.
Free from negative thoughts,
Free from the modern world.
Free from what has been holding me back.
Today I set sail on this ship,
And from this day forward I will not look back.
But towards the future beyond the seas.

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