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Universe Taking the Reigns


For years I was always trying to push my way into each path that the Universe had created for me or for others. Time and time again, I would feel a push back, as if the Universe was saying, “No, this isn’t for you. You are not meant for this in your life.” Trust me, I have felt this literally, sometimes I would feel it in my soul and sometimes I would feel it in my heart or mind. It was frustrating, I didn’t know what or where I was supposed to go with my life, and whenever I had asked or even commanded (yes, I did that and trust me I feel stupid for even doing that) the Universe to tell me where I was supposed to go, what is going to happen in my life, where will my career take me. Time and time again, I would always get either silence or little hints before something was about to happen. Being a human being, it was normal for me to get frustrated, for me to get upset because I hadn’t received answers for the things I had been looking for. Then after college, things started to change with my mindset and with my overall being. I started to talk to the Universe, just as if I was talking to a friend. Then one day, I had a feeling rush over me, telling me that something in my life was about to change. It would be a feeling inside of me, something either in my heart, or yes even in my soul, that I could feel and acknowledge it. A little bit timid and not sure what to expect, I just let this go and see what will happen within the next few months. Sure enough, something in my life had changed, whether it be personal, career, relocation, spiritual; something had changed. From then on, I had just given the Universe free reign of my life. Occasionally telling the Universe things that I wanted to happen in my life. Things did change, probably not how I wanted it to go, but they did and honestly everything turned out pretty okay. There were things that I needed to learn and things that I needed to experience, and I am glad that I had learned certain things and even experienced certain events in my life, because I was meant to. As cliché as it sounds, everything happens for a reason. Trust me, everything in this life does happen for a reason.

I’ve mentioned in posts before about the paths and about the Universe that has created a unique path for each and everyone one of us. These paths are designed for us individually so we can grow and learn more about ourselves, and more about the world around us in the process. I am glad that I let the Universe just take the reigns, and I just let things come to me when it is time. Otherwise I would be like that accountant in the building over, hyperventilating about why doesn’t the Universe, God, whoever it maybe you worship help me when I have time and time again asked and asked. Instead, I just let the reigns drop and now here I am on this journey. This journey that I know that is constantly changing. And you know what is great? Sometimes when I have doubts, my intuition and the Universe tells me not to worry because what I am doing at the moment is bettering me for something great up ahead. And that is comforting to me. Trusting in my intuition and in the Universe is what I need in my life, it lets me be free and lets me have less stress to worry about in my life. As a life coach, I recommend this for you all. The less stress in your life, the more free you will be and you will be able to have the ability to just grow, learn, experience life as a whole and be able to focus on other aspects of your life and just live.

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Protecting Mother Earth


Not too far from my house, there is a road that leads straight back into the Carson National Forest. This forest was established in the early 1900’s, and to this day it is maintained by employees and even volunteer workers. The Carson National Forest has been in several magazines, with pictures featuring the beautiful wonder of the forest for the whole world to see. But in all honesty, the photos do not do the forest justice. The forest is so magnificent and so intriguing that you can’t just go there once, you have to go there several times to even just take it all in. It is an honor to be living near such a beautiful national forest in this state and it makes me wonder, why do we keep destroying the rest of the planet and only preserve a section of land? I get it,  we are trying to evolve, trying to create new buildings, new companies, etc. But do we need to keep knocking down trees and tearing down hills amongst other properties of mother earth just to evolve as a society? The answer is no. Back in the early settlements, there were banks, there were homes, schools, churches, etc.; but the people then didn’t have to tear down everything that was around them. And they certainly didn’t need to destroy the prairie just to have a small sized town. Yes, this planet is the home to over eight billion people, I get that, but ultimately if you look around and see what is going on, you will notice that we are tearing so much of mother earth down that there is barely a speck of her left. Look at the city or town you live in, do you see the sidewalks, the paved roads, the concrete buildings? Mother earth is starting to be covered up. Why? Why do we need to cover her up with hideous monstrosities, also known as corporation buildings made out of concrete? There is no reason for that. Instead of constantly tearing down a new section of land, we need to give back to mother earth. We need to have larger sections for more National Forests, for the beautiful rivers and oceans that surround the land base. We as a society just keep destroying her more and more and to be honest, I think it is about time we get off our butts and actually do something to help her heal, to help her flourish once again.

If you think about it, over two hundred and twenty five million years ago, during the Triassic era when the dinosaurs were roaming about on this planet, there were numerous trees, there were hills flourishing with flowers and other plants, the rivers were clean and so were the oceans. The dinosaurs and human beings (there have been recordings of findings of humans being around this era but hiding in caves), were able to live in a world where the entire world was covered by a significant amount of trees, mountains, hills, rivers and oceans. The trails that were made, were made by those who would venture off the trail they were currently on. But nevertheless, the world was a lot prettier and a lot cleaner than it is today. Look at what is floating in the oceans and tell me you can’t see what I am seeing. Garbage. Garbage is floating in the ocean. In the ocean where hundreds of fish, sharks, whales, and other numerous undiscovered life live. The ones who are lucky and live down towards the bottom of the ocean floor, are able to escape the garbage that is floating onto of the water and slowly sinking into the coral reefs and various places where the fish live. Do you know what else is in the ocean? Oil. There have been more oil spills alone in the past eight years, than when oil was first discovered. That is pretty sad. Actually, it is pathetic. Why is all of the garbage and all of the oil going into our precious oceans where hundreds if not thousands of animals live? There is no need for that. Now, take a look at the road that you drive down to get to work or to get home, what do you see there? Plastic bags floating in the wind, tumbling down the road and into the grass area that leads into the hills and mountains. Why? Why is this even happening? The garbage that we are producing is now floating all around this earth and damaging not only mother earth, but it is also damaging all of the groundhogs, foxes, rabbits; and others such as birds, eagles, flamingos, etc. Lately, I have found more dead birds caught inside a plastic holder that holds a six pack of beer or soda. That is highly disturbing. Why is that happening? Why?

I keep bringing this up and up, time and  time again to everyone who reads my posts, who is on any of my social media sites, and even in my own group of friends, family and colleagues….. we need to be better. We need to stop destroying this precious earth. Because this is the only place we have to live. This is the only planet right now that can sustain life forces and being able to harbor us in the mean time. And what is society doing right now? Destroying mother earth. Not helping her at all. And I know that some of you who have read my posts in the past and are reading this one now, asks me all the time why do I keep referring to this planet as mother earth or her? Well, this planet is mother earth. She, in a sense, is our mother. She nourishes us, she provides for us, she helps us seek shelter with the things she gives us. We are her children. That is who we are to her. Just like  you are the child to your mother and father, you are also the child to mother earth. Here is my philosophy, if you wouldn’t hurt your biological mother, the one who gave birth to you, then you shouldn’t be doing it to mother earth. It is that simple. If you wouldn’t put garbage on your mom or down her throat, then don’t do it to mother earth.


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Role Models

Laki Penan (Bruno Manser, aka Laki Penan)

Each and every one of us has at least one role model that we look up to, in fact there are some of us who have more than one. A role model is someone who we look up to in any aspect of life. Someone who we aspire to be like and to learn from. Many of us look up to our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. But our family members are not the only ones that can be our role models. There are many people around the world, who work in specific communities who become role models for others.  Role models help shape who we are, who we are to become, and set a positive influence in our lives. To say that role models are a big deal in our lives would be an understatement. There is no word that I can think of to describe how much of a big deal it is to have a role model and to even be a role model yourself.

In the previous paragraph, I mentioned that immediate family members can and are usually role models for the younger ones. And this is very much true. In my family, my parents are good role models for my brother and I; they work hard, held down several jobs to have a roof over our heads, food in our stomach, and constant love for my brother and I. They are the type of parents any child would be happy to have. Outside of my immediate family, my aunt Jennie, my best friends and sisters Kala and Schuylar are all major role models in my life. They push me to be a better person and poet. Bruno Manser (aka Laki Penan), Rachel Louise Carson, Franz Weber, and Hilda Murrell are big role models for me in the activist community. All of these wonderful people have taught me to fight for what I believe from an early age. Not only that, they are just overall kind hearted people who try to help others, the environment, and animals. They have shaped me to be the activist that I am now.

I cannot stress it enough, having role models in your life is extremely important. They help you grow, bring positive influence into your life, guide you, and cheer you on when you accomplish milestones in all aspects of your life. Who are your role models? Who do you look up to? What have you learned from them? How have they shaped you? Do you think that you have become th person that you have always wanted to be with the role models that you look up to?

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The First Best Friend


We all have best friends, some of us have numerous people who we can confide in, and some of us can only confide in one or two people. Each of us are different in that aspect. Best friends, they are the person(s) who we can sit up all night with and talk for hours about everything. They are the ones who we can cry to and complain to, they are the ones who we can go to in hard times, and they are the ones who we can just be our strange selves with. I have a handful of people who I can call my best friends, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. But I have thought about this a lot lately, even  though these amazing people are my best friends, there is one particular person who has been my best friend since the day I was born and will continue to be my best friend till the day she passes away. My mom. My mom was my very first best friend and still to this day is my best friend. She is the one that I can go to and talk to her about anything and everything under the sun. She is the one that I talk to more than anyone I know. I know that some of you that are reading this, are thinking that I have a too-close relationship with my mom. That may be true, however she was also the disciplinarian growing up. She disciplined my younger brother and I like it was no one’s business, we got the wooden spoon, we got the belt, we’ve been grounded, any type of discipline action she followed through. And that is okay with me, because of her discipline, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. Even though she was the disciplinarian, she was ultimately my best friend. I would be able to just sit in the same room as her and we would be able to read our own books and just enjoy the silence. We would spend time in the kitchen and I would learn new recipes from her. There were times when I was feeling horrible, that she would let me lay my head on her lap and she would run her fingers through my curls until I fell asleep. She was and still is the one that I go to when I am having problems, and I can still talk to her on the phone even if I live 12+ hours away from her. She is the one that never stopped my creativity from flowing and to this day she still calls me hippie child, flower child, sis, and her little elf (I have a natural elf ear). I am a proud daughter. My mom has done a lot, not only for me, but also for my brother and my friends. She has always been a big part of my life and still is to this day.

I know some teenagers nowadays say that they “hate” their mom’s and dad’s, and they are only saying that just because they are hormonal and they have no clue how to understand that their parents are trying their hardest to provide a life for them. They are just way too wrapped up in themselves and trying to “fit in” with the crowd that they are involved in. But trust me when I tell you this, when you get to my age, you will wise up and realize that your parents are the best friends you will ever have. They will be right be side you and cheer you on and push you to follow your dreams and to be the person that they wish you to be. I know for a fact that I am one lucky woman to even be able to say that my mom is my best friend. Even if she gets on my nerves from time to time, she will always be my best friend.


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Love Your Temple


In many previous posts I have gone over the fact that everyone in this day and age is really hating on their body. Why are they doing this? Because society is telling them that they are no good, and that their bodies are not perfect enough. Which I say to that, horse-apples! I personally think that everyone’s body is awesome. We are all made differently, therefor each body is going to be different. Someone might be short and another person might be tall. One person might be naturally skinny and another person might be on the heavier side. No two people are the same. It is that simple. Being in the medical field, I know this to be a true statement. I have seen patients who are naturally skinny, yet they feel as though they are not “perfect” enough. I have seen patients who are on the heavier side, and they say the same thing. Personally, I think that this is getting to be ridiculous.

I have always beloved that you should love your body. Because it is your temple. The temple that your soul will reside in until the day you pass away. The temple that you will be in charge of, giving it nutrition, taking care of it, and making sure that you don’t harm it with chemicals. This temple that you and I have is very beautiful. You may not think that your body is beautiful, but that is only because society is telling you that you are not worthy. Forget society. Forget what the media is telling you. Forget all of that crap. They do not matter when it comes to you and your body. They have no say in how you should feel about being inside your body. In fact, their opinion does not matter. Do you know whose opinion does matter? Yours. Your opinion of yourself is the only thing that matters.

Right now, if you are in the safety of your own home, I want you to strip off your clothes and go stand in front of a mirror. Look at your body closely. Do you have curves or are you more straight? Do you have scars or no? Do you have muscle tone or are you more of skin and bones? Is your hair naturally straight, curly, bald, or in dread locks? Just focus on your body and be quiet. It might seem awkward but you need to do this. Now, look at your face in the mirror. Say this, “I am worthy. This temple of mine is beautiful and is perfectly imperfect. I love what I have been given. And from this day forward, I will continue to love my body for what it is.” When you get so comfortable with yourself, I dare you to go out into the wilderness, go skinny dipping, walk around stripped of clothes and just come back to who you are. But I do recommend that you be careful if you are going to do this, and make sure you are not in an area that is heavily secured and have hawk eyes all over you, and please don’t go naked in public, we are not attending Woodstock and we are not living in a hippie commune (if you are living in a hippie commune, then go for it). Go to the waterfall and let the water get reacquainted with your body and with your soul. Take up yoga and just enjoy the enlightening rays enter your soul and lighten up your temple.

Most of us are trying to stay in tune with what is going on in society and trying to mimic those who seem to have the “perfect” body. Trust me, no body is perfect. I can tell you that right now. We all have perfectly imperfect bodies and we need to come to terms with that. I came to terms with my own body a long time ago and I am content with my temple. It is time you do the same thing.

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Under 5 Minutes


With all of us working and trying to get our lives together, we ultimately end up forgetting about ourselves and about the world around us. Our minds are more focused on everyone else and more focused on sticking to a routine of our 9 to 5 jobs, while running around the house picking up after the little ones and making sure that food is prepared for breakfast, lunch or dinner. With all of this going on, we need to set aside at least five minutes to start doing these little rituals to help heal ourselves and to honor our guides and the Universe.

1. Close your eyes and take seven deep breaths. Each one of these are for each of your chakras, this is to balance your energy system.

2. When you wake up in the morning, sit at the edge of your bed and declare your intention for the day out loud to the Universe and to your guides. This will wake up your guides and they will be able to keep an eye on you throughout the day.

3. Smudge yourself from head to toe with sage to clear any negative energy from your body. You can do this twice a day, once in the morning before you head off to work and the second time before you go to bed at night, to get rid of the negative energy that you were around during your day at work.

4. Before each meal, bless your food with gratitude to absorb its highest vibration of nutrients.

5. Before you fall asleep after a long day at work, visualize cords connecting you to everyone you met that day, sending their energy back to them. This way you are not holding onto any energy that isn’t yours and wasn’t intended to be yours.


These little rituals will help heal you and help you have a greater bond with your guides and even with the Universe, who are which here to help you grow, learn, and become the person who you are meant to be.

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This Solitary Road


In previous posts, I have talked about the paths that each of us take. And I have also mentioned that no two paths are the same. In fact, each path is so different. Each of these paths are designed for us from the day we were born and we will continue onto these paths until the day we pass on and head onto the afterlife or reincarnate (depending on what you believe).

Love, career, mental and physical health, spiritual, all of these and more are part of our paths. Each one has a little nick into the path where we take a little detour to learn something new about ourselves, to learn what the Universe wants us to learn, to learn about a specific subject and about how the world works around us. This is a given. In fact, most people know about this from an early age. Each and every one of us deals with each part of our lives on these paths, and while we are doing so, we ultimately grow as a person, physically, mentally, and spiritually. That is the ultimate goal. To grow. To be a better version of ourselves. To grow into the person that the Universe wants and sees us to be. But sometimes, there are those who decide to stray from their paths due to the fact that everyone else has a better path and they think that everything will be just peachy if they go the same way everyone else is. But ultimately, later than sooner, they realize that they were never to stray from the path that has been created for them. They will wish that they had never strayed and wished that they had just continued to along the path(s) created for them. Because each person is supposed to learn something different from everyone else, whether it be spiritually, physically, career wise or love wise. Luckily, for those who have realized that they strayed from their path, they are able to be guided by the Universe back onto their own path and be able to continue on.

I am a good example. I grew up in a religious household, held different spiritual views from my dad and brother, my mom and I are on the same page most of the time and it is relatively easy to talk to her about the things that I believe in. But those outside my immediate family, it is known that it is best to not talk about specific things, mainly because the religious members of my family tend to think that I worship the devil. But I know for a matter of fact that what I believe in is something that I believed in long ago. For what I believe in is of my ancestors, before religions were created. My solitary path of being spiritual in a sense of practicing druidism, kabbalah (Judaism branch), shamanism, and zen; is what I am meant to be on. It is what my soul, heart and mind feel comfortable with. In fact, the Universe has been guiding me back to my roots ever since I was a child. And that is perfectly okay. This path that I am on in this life, is designated for me. Just like if someone were to practice something completely different is meant for them, because it has been created for them in their path.

These paths that we are all on is something to be comfortable with, no matter what is  thrown at us, no matter how crazy things get from time to time. Because that is how life works anyways. We are following the paths that were created for us, just like our own ancestors did. It is a cycle that the Universe has created. A nice little cycle that the Universe has decided to give each and every one of us. Don’t be afraid of where you are at in your life right now, for there is a reason why you are there in  that place, state of mind, and part of your life. You are meant to learn something from that situation. You are meant to grow from that situation and become the person you are meant to be. You are meant to take this path. Yes, we will be in relationships with other people and they might either stay or they might leave, they might turn into something more special and it might lead to a marriage one day, but all in all, these paths that are created for us are meant for us and us alone. Your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, whoever it may be, might have the same views as you but ultimately, what they are meant to learn will be completely different from you. Don’t worry.