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The Things No One Knows (Poem)


An avid daydreamer am I,
Sitting on my bed or walking through the park with a book in my hand.
On the outside all you see is what I want you to see,
But there are passions of mine that I harbor inside.
Passions that no one knows of.
Masquerade balls and opera,
Dreaming of a time when things were simpler but also had a modern sense of love.
Long dresses with long flowing curly hair,
Dancing in the hills of the Alps before any world wars.
Dreams of being a ballet dancer,
Gracing the stage in a production of The Nutcracker was a dream of mine for so long.
Playing the cello at the philharmonic,
Letting my music capture the souls of those who listened.
The sound of footsteps hitting the rock made roads takes me back,
Takes me back to my old home in an unknown land.
A place that I wish that I still lived in.
These are things that no one knows about me,
So I just stay behind my pen and paper,
Continuing to write my poems and dream of a place I once lived in.

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