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The Path: Healer/Spiritual Teacher


In previous posts, I have mentioned that everyone on this planet has a path. One that will teach them, watch them grow and become the person they are meant to be. Sometimes, it is obvious to the person what their path is and what they are meant to learn in this lifetime. Other times it is not so obvious and signs will pop up from the universe, to show that person which way they are supposed to go.

When I was a young girl, I used to help others and always wanted to heal them in anyway. I thought that hugs would cure everything, that even a quarter could get a homeless person food, that giving food to stray animals would keep them healthy and safe. In a way, these are true. But now as an adult, I have found other ways to help others. Working in the medical field, focusing on herbal remedies, practicing my ancestors ways of healing (druidism and Shamanism), the food that I prepare from scratch; use my poetry as a healing mechanism, not only for myself, but for others as well. Lately, I’ve been meditating more, finding peace and light inside myself, and my dreams have been showing me the path that I am on and not to stray away. At first, it was startling. But then I paid attention and I am glad that I did. Because my dreams are showing me that I am meant to not only be a poet, but also be a healer and a spiritual teacher for those who are like minded and who are open minded. Those who believe in nature and a god or goddess, who see nature as a church and where we can roam with our free spirits and heal the world one step at a time.

Everyone that is reading this post has a specific path laid out for them. It can either be about personal choices, free will, love life, anything and everything. The universe and God has gotten together and created a path for each and everyone one of us. None of them are wrong, trust me on that.

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