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Just Breathe


When we get bad news, what do we do? We hyperventilate, we worry, we think that everything is going to never get better. It is a mechanism that our bodies do when we receive bad news. I know for a fact that when I get bad news, I do not want to see anyone, speak to anyone or be around any human being. Instead, I rush outside, dart for the forest and mountains with my pen and journals and just write. Write until I can’t hold the pen anymore. I cry and cry, unable to cope with what is happening and then something happens.

The wind will gently pick up and kiss my cheeks, the smell of the dew will calm my senses, the trees whisper a sweet melody to slow my mind down, and the sounds of the animals stop the tears from falling. For a brief moment, I stop and think. Think about why the certain thing is happening in my life, why this change is happening, and wonder what I am supposed to be learning from the entire situation. Then I can feel something in my heart, in my soul, in my mind tugging at me. As if my guides and guardians are trying to tell me something important. I sit there and listen. Listen to the wind, listen to the trees singing to me, listen to the animals that are roaming around and listening to the voice inside of me saying, “just breathe”. When I hear that, I instantly calm down. If it weren’t for that little voice inside telling me to just breathe, I would still be crying constantly, still be hyperventilating, still be hiding away from civilization. Instead, I stay in the forest a little while longer, let the soothing notes of the trees flow through me, let the gentle wind calm my aura, let the dew or the rain wash away the toxin or negativity away from me. Then I look up, stare at the sky, and whisper a “thank you”. This thank you is for mother earth, for father sky, for the animals that roam the forest and mountains, for the trees and rain, for my guides and ancestors. It is for them. Because they help me get through a tough ordeal and help me calm down a bit and help me find balance and peace. And in all honesty, that is what I need. It is what you need.

Bad news, it is something that we all do not want to receive from someone, no matter what the subject matter may be. It might be from a doctor, a family member, a friend, colleague, anyone; but we need to remember that we must stop and just breathe. Breathe in the air, breathe in the positivity, and things will ultimately get better. It might not be right away, but things will get better. They always do.

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