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This Solitary Road


In previous posts, I have talked about the paths that each of us take. And I have also mentioned that no two paths are the same. In fact, each path is so different. Each of these paths are designed for us from the day we were born and we will continue onto these paths until the day we pass on and head onto the afterlife or reincarnate (depending on what you believe).

Love, career, mental and physical health, spiritual, all of these and more are part of our paths. Each one has a little nick into the path where we take a little detour to learn something new about ourselves, to learn what the Universe wants us to learn, to learn about a specific subject and about how the world works around us. This is a given. In fact, most people know about this from an early age. Each and every one of us deals with each part of our lives on these paths, and while we are doing so, we ultimately grow as a person, physically, mentally, and spiritually. That is the ultimate goal. To grow. To be a better version of ourselves. To grow into the person that the Universe wants and sees us to be. But sometimes, there are those who decide to stray from their paths due to the fact that everyone else has a better path and they think that everything will be just peachy if they go the same way everyone else is. But ultimately, later than sooner, they realize that they were never to stray from the path that has been created for them. They will wish that they had never strayed and wished that they had just continued to along the path(s) created for them. Because each person is supposed to learn something different from everyone else, whether it be spiritually, physically, career wise or love wise. Luckily, for those who have realized that they strayed from their path, they are able to be guided by the Universe back onto their own path and be able to continue on.

I am a good example. I grew up in a religious household, held different spiritual views from my dad and brother, my mom and I are on the same page most of the time and it is relatively easy to talk to her about the things that I believe in. But those outside my immediate family, it is known that it is best to not talk about specific things, mainly because the religious members of my family tend to think that I worship the devil. But I know for a matter of fact that what I believe in is something that I believed in long ago. For what I believe in is of my ancestors, before religions were created. My solitary path of being spiritual in a sense of practicing druidism, kabbalah (Judaism branch), shamanism, and zen; is what I am meant to be on. It is what my soul, heart and mind feel comfortable with. In fact, the Universe has been guiding me back to my roots ever since I was a child. And that is perfectly okay. This path that I am on in this life, is designated for me. Just like if someone were to practice something completely different is meant for them, because it has been created for them in their path.

These paths that we are all on is something to be comfortable with, no matter what is  thrown at us, no matter how crazy things get from time to time. Because that is how life works anyways. We are following the paths that were created for us, just like our own ancestors did. It is a cycle that the Universe has created. A nice little cycle that the Universe has decided to give each and every one of us. Don’t be afraid of where you are at in your life right now, for there is a reason why you are there in  that place, state of mind, and part of your life. You are meant to learn something from that situation. You are meant to grow from that situation and become the person you are meant to be. You are meant to take this path. Yes, we will be in relationships with other people and they might either stay or they might leave, they might turn into something more special and it might lead to a marriage one day, but all in all, these paths that are created for us are meant for us and us alone. Your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, whoever it may be, might have the same views as you but ultimately, what they are meant to learn will be completely different from you. Don’t worry.



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