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Love Your Temple


In many previous posts I have gone over the fact that everyone in this day and age is really hating on their body. Why are they doing this? Because society is telling them that they are no good, and that their bodies are not perfect enough. Which I say to that, horse-apples! I personally think that everyone’s body is awesome. We are all made differently, therefor each body is going to be different. Someone might be short and another person might be tall. One person might be naturally skinny and another person might be on the heavier side. No two people are the same. It is that simple. Being in the medical field, I know this to be a true statement. I have seen patients who are naturally skinny, yet they feel as though they are not “perfect” enough. I have seen patients who are on the heavier side, and they say the same thing. Personally, I think that this is getting to be ridiculous.

I have always beloved that you should love your body. Because it is your temple. The temple that your soul will reside in until the day you pass away. The temple that you will be in charge of, giving it nutrition, taking care of it, and making sure that you don’t harm it with chemicals. This temple that you and I have is very beautiful. You may not think that your body is beautiful, but that is only because society is telling you that you are not worthy. Forget society. Forget what the media is telling you. Forget all of that crap. They do not matter when it comes to you and your body. They have no say in how you should feel about being inside your body. In fact, their opinion does not matter. Do you know whose opinion does matter? Yours. Your opinion of yourself is the only thing that matters.

Right now, if you are in the safety of your own home, I want you to strip off your clothes and go stand in front of a mirror. Look at your body closely. Do you have curves or are you more straight? Do you have scars or no? Do you have muscle tone or are you more of skin and bones? Is your hair naturally straight, curly, bald, or in dread locks? Just focus on your body and be quiet. It might seem awkward but you need to do this. Now, look at your face in the mirror. Say this, “I am worthy. This temple of mine is beautiful and is perfectly imperfect. I love what I have been given. And from this day forward, I will continue to love my body for what it is.” When you get so comfortable with yourself, I dare you to go out into the wilderness, go skinny dipping, walk around stripped of clothes and just come back to who you are. But I do recommend that you be careful if you are going to do this, and make sure you are not in an area that is heavily secured and have hawk eyes all over you, and please don’t go naked in public, we are not attending Woodstock and we are not living in a hippie commune (if you are living in a hippie commune, then go for it). Go to the waterfall and let the water get reacquainted with your body and with your soul. Take up yoga and just enjoy the enlightening rays enter your soul and lighten up your temple.

Most of us are trying to stay in tune with what is going on in society and trying to mimic those who seem to have the “perfect” body. Trust me, no body is perfect. I can tell you that right now. We all have perfectly imperfect bodies and we need to come to terms with that. I came to terms with my own body a long time ago and I am content with my temple. It is time you do the same thing.

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