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Under 5 Minutes


With all of us working and trying to get our lives together, we ultimately end up forgetting about ourselves and about the world around us. Our minds are more focused on everyone else and more focused on sticking to a routine of our 9 to 5 jobs, while running around the house picking up after the little ones and making sure that food is prepared for breakfast, lunch or dinner. With all of this going on, we need to set aside at least five minutes to start doing these little rituals to help heal ourselves and to honor our guides and the Universe.

1. Close your eyes and take seven deep breaths. Each one of these are for each of your chakras, this is to balance your energy system.

2. When you wake up in the morning, sit at the edge of your bed and declare your intention for the day out loud to the Universe and to your guides. This will wake up your guides and they will be able to keep an eye on you throughout the day.

3. Smudge yourself from head to toe with sage to clear any negative energy from your body. You can do this twice a day, once in the morning before you head off to work and the second time before you go to bed at night, to get rid of the negative energy that you were around during your day at work.

4. Before each meal, bless your food with gratitude to absorb its highest vibration of nutrients.

5. Before you fall asleep after a long day at work, visualize cords connecting you to everyone you met that day, sending their energy back to them. This way you are not holding onto any energy that isn’t yours and wasn’t intended to be yours.


These little rituals will help heal you and help you have a greater bond with your guides and even with the Universe, who are which here to help you grow, learn, and become the person who you are meant to be.

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