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Protecting Mother Earth


Not too far from my house, there is a road that leads straight back into the Carson National Forest. This forest was established in the early 1900’s, and to this day it is maintained by employees and even volunteer workers. The Carson National Forest has been in several magazines, with pictures featuring the beautiful wonder of the forest for the whole world to see. But in all honesty, the photos do not do the forest justice. The forest is so magnificent and so intriguing that you can’t just go there once, you have to go there several times to even just take it all in. It is an honor to be living near such a beautiful national forest in this state and it makes me wonder, why do we keep destroying the rest of the planet and only preserve a section of land? I get it,  we are trying to evolve, trying to create new buildings, new companies, etc. But do we need to keep knocking down trees and tearing down hills amongst other properties of mother earth just to evolve as a society? The answer is no. Back in the early settlements, there were banks, there were homes, schools, churches, etc.; but the people then didn’t have to tear down everything that was around them. And they certainly didn’t need to destroy the prairie just to have a small sized town. Yes, this planet is the home to over eight billion people, I get that, but ultimately if you look around and see what is going on, you will notice that we are tearing so much of mother earth down that there is barely a speck of her left. Look at the city or town you live in, do you see the sidewalks, the paved roads, the concrete buildings? Mother earth is starting to be covered up. Why? Why do we need to cover her up with hideous monstrosities, also known as corporation buildings made out of concrete? There is no reason for that. Instead of constantly tearing down a new section of land, we need to give back to mother earth. We need to have larger sections for more National Forests, for the beautiful rivers and oceans that surround the land base. We as a society just keep destroying her more and more and to be honest, I think it is about time we get off our butts and actually do something to help her heal, to help her flourish once again.

If you think about it, over two hundred and twenty five million years ago, during the Triassic era when the dinosaurs were roaming about on this planet, there were numerous trees, there were hills flourishing with flowers and other plants, the rivers were clean and so were the oceans. The dinosaurs and human beings (there have been recordings of findings of humans being around this era but hiding in caves), were able to live in a world where the entire world was covered by a significant amount of trees, mountains, hills, rivers and oceans. The trails that were made, were made by those who would venture off the trail they were currently on. But nevertheless, the world was a lot prettier and a lot cleaner than it is today. Look at what is floating in the oceans and tell me you can’t see what I am seeing. Garbage. Garbage is floating in the ocean. In the ocean where hundreds of fish, sharks, whales, and other numerous undiscovered life live. The ones who are lucky and live down towards the bottom of the ocean floor, are able to escape the garbage that is floating onto of the water and slowly sinking into the coral reefs and various places where the fish live. Do you know what else is in the ocean? Oil. There have been more oil spills alone in the past eight years, than when oil was first discovered. That is pretty sad. Actually, it is pathetic. Why is all of the garbage and all of the oil going into our precious oceans where hundreds if not thousands of animals live? There is no need for that. Now, take a look at the road that you drive down to get to work or to get home, what do you see there? Plastic bags floating in the wind, tumbling down the road and into the grass area that leads into the hills and mountains. Why? Why is this even happening? The garbage that we are producing is now floating all around this earth and damaging not only mother earth, but it is also damaging all of the groundhogs, foxes, rabbits; and others such as birds, eagles, flamingos, etc. Lately, I have found more dead birds caught inside a plastic holder that holds a six pack of beer or soda. That is highly disturbing. Why is that happening? Why?

I keep bringing this up and up, time and  time again to everyone who reads my posts, who is on any of my social media sites, and even in my own group of friends, family and colleagues….. we need to be better. We need to stop destroying this precious earth. Because this is the only place we have to live. This is the only planet right now that can sustain life forces and being able to harbor us in the mean time. And what is society doing right now? Destroying mother earth. Not helping her at all. And I know that some of you who have read my posts in the past and are reading this one now, asks me all the time why do I keep referring to this planet as mother earth or her? Well, this planet is mother earth. She, in a sense, is our mother. She nourishes us, she provides for us, she helps us seek shelter with the things she gives us. We are her children. That is who we are to her. Just like  you are the child to your mother and father, you are also the child to mother earth. Here is my philosophy, if you wouldn’t hurt your biological mother, the one who gave birth to you, then you shouldn’t be doing it to mother earth. It is that simple. If you wouldn’t put garbage on your mom or down her throat, then don’t do it to mother earth.


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