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Universe Taking the Reigns


For years I was always trying to push my way into each path that the Universe had created for me or for others. Time and time again, I would feel a push back, as if the Universe was saying, “No, this isn’t for you. You are not meant for this in your life.” Trust me, I have felt this literally, sometimes I would feel it in my soul and sometimes I would feel it in my heart or mind. It was frustrating, I didn’t know what or where I was supposed to go with my life, and whenever I had asked or even commanded (yes, I did that and trust me I feel stupid for even doing that) the Universe to tell me where I was supposed to go, what is going to happen in my life, where will my career take me. Time and time again, I would always get either silence or little hints before something was about to happen. Being a human being, it was normal for me to get frustrated, for me to get upset because I hadn’t received answers for the things I had been looking for. Then after college, things started to change with my mindset and with my overall being. I started to talk to the Universe, just as if I was talking to a friend. Then one day, I had a feeling rush over me, telling me that something in my life was about to change. It would be a feeling inside of me, something either in my heart, or yes even in my soul, that I could feel and acknowledge it. A little bit timid and not sure what to expect, I just let this go and see what will happen within the next few months. Sure enough, something in my life had changed, whether it be personal, career, relocation, spiritual; something had changed. From then on, I had just given the Universe free reign of my life. Occasionally telling the Universe things that I wanted to happen in my life. Things did change, probably not how I wanted it to go, but they did and honestly everything turned out pretty okay. There were things that I needed to learn and things that I needed to experience, and I am glad that I had learned certain things and even experienced certain events in my life, because I was meant to. As cliché as it sounds, everything happens for a reason. Trust me, everything in this life does happen for a reason.

I’ve mentioned in posts before about the paths and about the Universe that has created a unique path for each and everyone one of us. These paths are designed for us individually so we can grow and learn more about ourselves, and more about the world around us in the process. I am glad that I let the Universe just take the reigns, and I just let things come to me when it is time. Otherwise I would be like that accountant in the building over, hyperventilating about why doesn’t the Universe, God, whoever it maybe you worship help me when I have time and time again asked and asked. Instead, I just let the reigns drop and now here I am on this journey. This journey that I know that is constantly changing. And you know what is great? Sometimes when I have doubts, my intuition and the Universe tells me not to worry because what I am doing at the moment is bettering me for something great up ahead. And that is comforting to me. Trusting in my intuition and in the Universe is what I need in my life, it lets me be free and lets me have less stress to worry about in my life. As a life coach, I recommend this for you all. The less stress in your life, the more free you will be and you will be able to have the ability to just grow, learn, experience life as a whole and be able to focus on other aspects of your life and just live.

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