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Book Club: July


This story was inspired by Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Mists of Avalon, where it focuses on the Druids. In this book it is focused on the Druid history and spirituality while the characters are engaging in a love story. Set in the third century Ireland, Christianity is sweeping all over the Celtic Isle. And during this time of chaos, love begins to blossom between a Druid healer named Ethne and her patient who is a Fennid warrior. This affair suffers a blow when Ethne is called to become the high queen.

This whole story is told from the Druid perspective, where it shows the daily life, politics, magical practices, and spiritual lives of the ancient Celts during this historical turning point. Everything about the Druid life is brought to life. The holy days, rites, rituals, herbal lore, all of this is brought to life in this book and recreated through the author’s imagination.

Priestess of the Forest is truly a remarkable story and everyone will enjoy the characters, love, spirituality, magic, and most of all the history.

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Prayer for the Lost Ones (Poem)


The lights were flashing,
The music was thumping throughout the club,
You were having the time of your life.
Smiles placed on your faces,
Hearts beating faster as you danced with your loved ones.
Then in a flash you were gone,
You had fallen to the floor.
Mortally wounded by a man who was troubled,
You had escaped into the night sky to enter a new life.
A life that you will live in complete freedom,
Freedom from hate,
Freedom from violence.
Your souls will play tango with one another in the stars.
It is almost a new month,
But you will never be forgotten.
You will forever be in our hearts,
You will forever be in our minds,
You will forever be in our prayers.

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Letter to My Future Children


Dear future children,

You are not born, you are not even conceived yet; instead you are just glimmer in my eye and a thought in my mind and I have not met your dad yet. If one day I am blessed to have you, there are a few things I would like to say to you.
If one day you are a boy and you wish to play with dolls and trucks, that is fine by me, in fact count me in. There is nothing wrong with that. If one day you are a girl and wish to do the same thing, I will play tea parties with you and your transformers. When you have become a teen and you have started to figure out who you are attracted to and have a hard time telling me that you are gay or lesbian, I promise you that you can tell me this and I will love you no matter what. My lesson to you is love is love; it doesn’t matter if you are straight or gay, if you love someone with all of your heart then that is all that matters. This world is cruel, there will be others who will judge you, who will try to degrade you, who will harm you in anyway possible; just remember that you will have your dad and I by your side and will love you unconditionally. The only thing that matters in finding a partner besides being in love is compatibility, respect, passion, and finding someone who will push you to grow and become the amazing person you are meant to be.

Respect is a big thing that you will learn as you grow up. You will learn to respect us, your parents. You will learn to respect other family members and friends, you will learn to respect strangers. Most importantly, you will learn to respect yourself. Never judge another human being for their opinion, never judge another human being for what they believe in, and never judge a person for who they love. It is not your place to judge someone.

Life is about finding yourself and finding your personal legend. And I guarantee you that it will get rough and you might feel like you are lost, but you will always have friends and family there to help guide you. And remember you can always ask for guidance to whoever you may choose to worship whether it be God, nature, a Greek God or Goddess, Buddha , or if you follow the druid path of your ancestors. At all times there will be someone to help guide you.

Just remember that you will have the love and support of your parents, friends and other relatives who will always be by your side.

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Inside the Harem Circle (Poem)


The man’s hand switched back and forth from lightly hitting the drum to hitting it hard.
As he did so,
all of our eyes shifted from him to the woman in the middle of our circle.
She moved so smoothly,
her feet glided across the rug,
barely lifting them up off the ground.

She removed a piece of cloth,
twirled it about and made slow movements as she did so.
The sounds of the drum got louder,
as this occurred her moves got a little faster,
keeping up with the rhythm that he was producing.

The woman danced around us,
stopping in front of each of us,
showing us her beautiful moves.
The blue dress barely clung to her curves,
instead they flowed and barely touched the carpet beneath her feet.
The headdress she wore upon her head was a different color from the dress,
as if she wished to be a bit more eccentric with the way she dressed.
My eyes locked with hers,
she produced a smile that made me smile back at her.
She continued to dance around in the circle,
just as the man stopped playing the drum.
The sun came through the large window of this home,
igniting a light around her figure giving her an ethereal feel.
Soon she stopped.
Silence, nothing but silence filled this room.
For she took our breath away and left us all astounded.

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An Herbalist Advice: Trigonella Foenum-graecum

d17ee2697d5d203254d175424525ab7fOver thousands of people across the United States and other countries has diabetes. Whether it be type I or type II diabetes, someone you know might have it. Type I diabetes occurs in either childhood or young adulthood, this is when the pancreas cannot produce insulin or not nearly enough for the person. Type II diabetes occurs more in adults, but there are several teenagers who do have type II. But for the most part, type II doesn’t occur until mid-forties. Type II occurs due to the fact that there is a defect in the receptors for insulin in the cell walls. This is located in the fat and muscle tissue and the liver. There are several prescriptions that the physician will give you in order to help you maintain your glucose levels and your a1c levels. The most famous one is insulin. Insulin helps with controlling the blood sugar, however there are side effects that occur if the insulin has been overused. One of those things is the increase of cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as increased body fat.

Some people do not wish to be on such medicine, and although you may not want to, it is always best to sit down with your physician and talk about other alternatives. One of the alternatives is the Trigonella foenum-graecum, Fenugreek. Fenugreek is an ancient Greek and Roman herb that was used for those who had diabetes. Now although they did not have a word for diabetes back then, in fact diabetes was not called that until 1889, they did know that when a person had sugar problems, that were to be prescribed this herb. The Fenugreek has been studied and has been show to lower blood glucose and reduce the insulin levels, total cholesterol, and triglycerides while increasing the HDL. The HDL is considered the “good” cholesterol, so it is good to have those in the right range.

The typical dosage for non-insulin dependent diabetes is as little as 5,000 milligrams of the powdered seed per day. The typical dosage for the more severe insulin-dependent diabetic patients is up to 50,000 milligrams (50 grams) twice per day.

Just like anything else, you must take precautions. This herb has one side effect but it isn’t terrible. It may cause flatulence.

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Beauty Has No Size


If you look through my posts on this site you will see a pattern form, you will see the posts that I provide for those who wish to get healthier by the holistic route, my poems that I showcase, ways to live simple, ways to stay healthy, and the most important one of them all the posts about body image. Body image is a big thing for me. In fact, I am one of the writers who will talk about how to love yourself, love your body, and to love others. Time and time again I write about how to feel more comfortable in the skin that you are residing in. The advice I give usually goes like this: stand in front of the mirror, butt naked, look at your body and see what is there. There is no “ugliness”. There is nothing wrong with you.

Each time I give this advice, I receive email from both men and women who are self conscious about their bodies. I received an email from a man who happened to be on the heavier side naturally. Good form, good posture, nice broad shoulders and arms. He is extremely insecure about his torso and stomach. He is heavier in that region and tries to eat healthy and workouts (powerlifts amongst other things). He wishes that he had a six pack. Now as a wellness coach, I could easily work with him in the area of nutrition and fitness, but what he needs now more than anything is to realize that he is already handsome. He is already a good looking man with a lot of potential, a good caring heart, an adventurous life, people who care about him and love him dearly. Personally, I have seen a picture of what this man looks like, and no I will not be posting it on here (confidential), and in my honest opinion, I find him extremely attractive. I don’t care about his stomach that seems to be a “little too big” according to him. I see his infectious smile, compassionate soul and his drive for life. That is what I see. For me, as a woman, he is perfect. Well, perfectly imperfect, because no one is truly perfect, there is no such  thing.

Another email I received was from a young lady, she is recovering anorexic, and she is starting to get better. She was dropped down to a whopping 90 lbs for her 5’5 frame. The pressure of society and the media had taken its toll on her and she started to lose weight so fast, that she ended up in the hospital. That is what the media and the pressure of society does to a person, they tear you down. Making you feel inferior and making you lose control of your body. I am currently working with this young girl and helping her establish a healthier relationship with her body and getting to her ideal weight. Thankfully, she is doing much better.

One of  my sisters, I will not name which sister it is but she is naturally skinny has been her entire life. And our entire life, she was picked on about her body, picked on because of size. People would call her anorexic, and I know for a fact that she isn’t . She is just genetically built like that, she cannot help it. Because of beasts like those who have decided to pick on her, she has developed a body image problem. People are practically skinny shaming her just because she is naturally built like that. She is one of the healthiest people I know, and she delivered two beautiful girls who are my nieces.

Lastly, there is a coworker of mine who I am working with, because she is wanting to tighten up her stomach. She is not proud of her stretch marks, but she should be. Because she delivered beautiful children and those stretch marks are documented on her body to show her that she has brought in children to this amazing world of ours. The other day, when I was working with her during our lunch break, I was looking over the exercises that I had given her and noticed a note that her husband had left for her on the exercise papers, “You are beautiful just the way you, I love you for you.” It made her cry and I had to tell her just like I tell everyone else when I work with them. You need to be happy with your body, you may not like one thing about yourself, but everyone is that way. If you are unhappy with something about yourself and you wish to change it, the first thing to do is to learn how to love yourself first.

I give all of my patients a challenge to do. Every day, every morning, you must stand in front of the mirror butt naked and look at your body. You may try to look away, but don’t. Look at every curve, every scar, every dimple that is placed on your body. Notice it, embrace it. And every morning you do this, you must look at yourself and say one thing about your body and about your personality/characteristic that you love about yourself. By the end of the year, you will have a healthier relationship with your body.

This whole entire world seems to think that everyone should try to fit into some mold. That you have to be this or that in order to be found attractive. Quite honestly I find that ridiculous and preposterous. Beauty has no size. Beauty is not limited to just one type of shape or size. Beauty is both skinny, heavier, or in between. Beauty is inside everyone. Beauty lies inside the hearts, souls and minds of all humans. Beauty is more than just the skin that covers our muscles, bones, blood, and organs. Beauty is everything about a person. The whole package, as they call it. That is what beauty is.


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The Natural Medicine


Sitting at a desk or constantly inside a building or a city, your body begins to feel weighed down. You are extremely tired, more than you have been in all your years growing up, and a tightness takes hold of your body. You seek the physician, and he/she does not know what to tell you. So what do you do? You go home, crawl under your covers and go to sleep. The next day you walk outside your door, and are greeted by the fresh air and the scenery around you. Suddenly, you are less tired, the weight has been taken off your shoulders and all of the tightness has been lifted. You feel better and you are grateful.

Mother nature is a beautiful thing, she nurses us back to health, takes away the pain and brings it into the soil. She is the one that many, including myself, have turned to, to get healed. Most modern day people do not realize that mother nature is actually the best medicine. Far better than the medicine that you get from your physician or pharmacist. Mother nature heals you internally and externally. This is truly remarkable. I know that I need to be outdoors at least two days a week. It is something I need and always look forward to.

When you walk outside and you see the tall grass swaying in the breeze, that is mother nature at work wiping away the toxins from your body. When you feel the first drop of rain land on your skin, that is father sky trying to cleanse your soul, and removing the weight from you. When you hear your feet touch every inch of the dirt or crumbled up leaves, that is the tightness leaving your body. This is the best medicine. The best medicine that I could ever describe. If you are feeling weighed down, overly tired, and the tightness of your muscles is too much, head outdoors. You will feel much better.