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The Long Lost City (Poem)


The sea waters gently surrounded the grand city,
letting the pure white walls reflect on the icy blue sea waters.
The sun has risen,
the people have come out of their homes,
now the city is buzzing with voices of its occupants,
and the smell of the fresh vegetables at the markets fill the clean morning air.
Flowing white gowns frame the female bodies,
while the white robes frame the men’s.
The spirituality of this grand city is pure and clear,
No corruption amongst the citizens,
No corruption amongst the government.
A place where all were safe to live peacefully.
Now, this majestic city lies beneath the dark blue ocean waters,
hidden from the world.
The city has been molded into landmarks on the bottom of the ocean floor,
unable to be seen by the human eye,
but appears to those who once lived on the land.

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