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The Natural Medicine


Sitting at a desk or constantly inside a building or a city, your body begins to feel weighed down. You are extremely tired, more than you have been in all your years growing up, and a tightness takes hold of your body. You seek the physician, and he/she does not know what to tell you. So what do you do? You go home, crawl under your covers and go to sleep. The next day you walk outside your door, and are greeted by the fresh air and the scenery around you. Suddenly, you are less tired, the weight has been taken off your shoulders and all of the tightness has been lifted. You feel better and you are grateful.

Mother nature is a beautiful thing, she nurses us back to health, takes away the pain and brings it into the soil. She is the one that many, including myself, have turned to, to get healed. Most modern day people do not realize that mother nature is actually the best medicine. Far better than the medicine that you get from your physician or pharmacist. Mother nature heals you internally and externally. This is truly remarkable. I know that I need to be outdoors at least two days a week. It is something I need and always look forward to.

When you walk outside and you see the tall grass swaying in the breeze, that is mother nature at work wiping away the toxins from your body. When you feel the first drop of rain land on your skin, that is father sky trying to cleanse your soul, and removing the weight from you. When you hear your feet touch every inch of the dirt or crumbled up leaves, that is the tightness leaving your body. This is the best medicine. The best medicine that I could ever describe. If you are feeling weighed down, overly tired, and the tightness of your muscles is too much, head outdoors. You will feel much better.

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