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Inside the Harem Circle (Poem)


The man’s hand switched back and forth from lightly hitting the drum to hitting it hard.
As he did so,
all of our eyes shifted from him to the woman in the middle of our circle.
She moved so smoothly,
her feet glided across the rug,
barely lifting them up off the ground.

She removed a piece of cloth,
twirled it about and made slow movements as she did so.
The sounds of the drum got louder,
as this occurred her moves got a little faster,
keeping up with the rhythm that he was producing.

The woman danced around us,
stopping in front of each of us,
showing us her beautiful moves.
The blue dress barely clung to her curves,
instead they flowed and barely touched the carpet beneath her feet.
The headdress she wore upon her head was a different color from the dress,
as if she wished to be a bit more eccentric with the way she dressed.
My eyes locked with hers,
she produced a smile that made me smile back at her.
She continued to dance around in the circle,
just as the man stopped playing the drum.
The sun came through the large window of this home,
igniting a light around her figure giving her an ethereal feel.
Soon she stopped.
Silence, nothing but silence filled this room.
For she took our breath away and left us all astounded.

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