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The Nomadic Soul


For those of you who have been following and reading me for any length of time, you know that I am a person who loves to travel. In fact, there are times where I will spontaneously get in my car and drive off to some random place that I’ve never been to before and just explore the area. That is who I am, and that is how I will always be. There is nothing wrong with that. My entire life, all I’ve wanted to do is get a van, rebuild the interior and live out of it and just travel while I work and focus on my books. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

The nomadic lifestyle has always called to me, and it was pointed out to my parents very early on. They didn’t know what to make of it, and quite honestly they still don’t. Within a few months I will be 25 years old and they are still hoping that I stay put in one spot and just stay there, but sadly I am unable to do such a thing. Let me explain to why I am unable to settle into one spot.

Picture this; you are driving in a van with your bed in the back raised up and you have things stored underneath, suddenly you have found the perfect spot to park your van and you flip a switch to unlatch the back door of the van. You climb on out and open the door wide open and then you climb onto the bed. As you lay on the bed, you reach for a book that is in your little library and you begin to read under the lights that are placed on the ceiling of the van. Once you’ve finished the chapter/book, you look out into the world and you can see for miles the mountains, hills, the rivers and lakes, the star filled sky with the moon shining down so brightly. Off in the distance you can see the elk and deer trotting through the forest to find a place to rest for the night. You fall asleep and when morning comes you are greeted by the most beautiful sunrise imaginable. You start a campfire, make some breakfast and a cup of tea while you place your yoga mat on the ground and do yoga while everything is getting ready. After breakfast, tea/coffee, and yoga; you walk over to the lake with a towel in your hand and you strip off your clothes. Taking a dip into the lake, you feel refreshed, rejuvenated and calm. As you wash up in the lake, the glow from the sunrise welcomes you into a new day and a mist begins to fall into place around you. Grabbing your towel, you make your way back to your van to change into clothes, brush your hair and teeth. Then you can start your day by hiking, checking out the local museums, whatever your heart desires.

That is the best possible way that I can describe to anyone about why I cannot settle into one spot. It is nearly impossible, because I am wanting to constantly be somewhere new and explore. There is nothing wrong that whatsoever, some of us are meant to live that nomadic lifestyle. My dad is the polar opposite of me, he would rather put down some roots somewhere and stay there until he passes away. He loves to travel, but he wants to be able to have a home to come to. Whereas, my home is wherever I go, my home is what I take with me and where I live. I don’t have a town or state or even a country for that matter that I could call home. It is just who I am.



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