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Love Your Body


By grade 7, most young boys and girls have found cosmopolitan magazines, maxim, playboy, or any other magazine that you can think of that has models spread out everywhere and showcasing their bodies to the world. By grade 10, more than 40% of the student body has begun a diet. Whether it be some fad diet like Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Atkins, or the “only an apple and some crackers” diet. Teenage girls try to look a Victoria’s Secret model and the teenage boys try to beef up and try to look like a Zac Efron or like Marky Mark (Mark Wahlberg for those who didn’t grow up in the 90’s). Why? The reason is due to the fact that society is telling them that in order to have the “perfect” body, they need to look like someone that is on steroids, I am not saying that either Mark or Zac take steroids, I am just pointing out that is what they look like.

Right now, there is some teenage sixteen year old girl in the bathroom at her school puking up her breakfast just because she wants to look like some model who struts on the runway. And right now, I guarantee you that there is some boy who is lacing his protein shakes with steroids to pump up his muscles just so he can look like his idol. That isn’t healthy. Far from it. In fact, what these teenagers are doing is destroying  their bodies. And they don’t realize it. Instead, all they are worried about is trying to fit into societies views of what they should look like. They do not realize that they are already handsome and beautiful. They do not need to lose the weight nor do they need to pump up the muscles. Instead what they need to do is to develop a healthy body relationship.

When I was in my freshman year of high school, I ate the food around my family and then when I was away from them, I threw it up. Why? Because I was going through the same thing that these young teenagers are going through. I wanted to look like some model and be beautiful. At the time, I didn’t realize that I was already pretty. I was just so consumed with thinking I was fat and ugly, that I didn’t realize that I had a lot more to offer. One day at school, I didn’t eat lunch and all I did was just sit in front of my locker just reading a book until a girl who was year older than me came up to me and told me that I was going to start eating right again because she didn’t want to lose me. I am grateful to her, and to this day, I am still friends with her on Facebook and I don’t know what I would do without her. I had a good support system and I was shown that I didn’t need to feel bad about my body and I definitely shouldn’t have compared my body to another persons body. Because everyone’s body is completely different from one another. I have an amazing friend who is considered to be one of my sisters and she is naturally skinny, it is in her genetics. And she is healthy as can be. In fact, she had given birth to two beautiful girls and they are healthy as well. Her body is gorgeous, but do you know what is even more gorgeous about her… her personality and her character. She is one of the most beautiful people I know on the inside and out, and she doesn’t care what others think of her body. And trust me when I say this, she has been the subject to much ridicule from others just because she is naturally skinny, and honestly what they are doing is horrible. In my personal opinion, they need to shut up, sit down and start acting like adults. But that is just my opinion after all. I have another friend who is a little bit shorter than me and she is curvy. But do you know what….she rocks those curves and she embraces them. With that body of hers she had brought into this world three beautiful boys who I call my nephews. There have been people who ridicule her body and honestly they can take those hurtful words and shove them up their a**es.

Many of you know that I am very adamant about having a healthy body image. I am all about eating right and exercising, but there is one more thing that I am extremely adamant about, and that is being happy in the body that you are in. You may be short and skinny or you might tall and curvy, it doesn’t matter, as long as you are truly content in the body that you are in that is all that matters. Yes, eating good food is great for body, yes getting the exercise that your body needs helps you stay healthy; but the most important thing that helps you throughout life is to have a happy outlook on your body, embrace the flaws that make you unique and take pride in the fact that no one on this planet has that amazing body that you already have.


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