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Simply Delicious


With the amount of fast food places across the world, most of the modern population has ran to them in search of something quick to eat on their way to work, during lunch or for dinner. What they don’t know is that all of that fast food that you are putting into your body is harming you in more ways than one. All of the food at each fast food place has high trace amounts of chemicals and additives to their products, this in turn can destroy the stomach, liver, and every other organ out there; on top of that, it packs on the unwanted weight that most people do not want. Instead of driving to the nearest fast food place to get your morning fix, there are numerous types of foods that will help you get full and keep you healthy.

Right now, I am eating my breakfast and going through things for work. My breakfast this morning consists of a small bowl of oatmeal with syrup drizzled, homemade hashbrowns and assorted fruit. Then for lunch I’m having leftovers from yesterday which consists of a lamb chop on a bed of salad with a sweet homemade dressing; for dinner it will be very light with a some cheese, crackers, sliced vegetables and some dark chocolate (I love dark chocolate). Eating healthy and simply doesn’t mean that I have to give up on the foods that I enjoy, it just means that I use fresh ingredients and less preservatives.

Getting rid of the fast food, sodas, and the hormone additives; you’ll be able to eat healthier and develop a better relationship with food. There are many recipes out there that you can find and go wild with. But there are a few things you should keep in your pantry and freezer at all times (in no specific order):

– Oatmeal
-Strawberries (any other type of berry)
– Grapes
– Rice (Basmati, Wild Grain, Jasmine)
-Tuna and any other fish (Salmon, Tilapia, shrimp)
– Poultry (Turkey bacon is a fantastic substitute for those who do not eat pork)
– All natural organic syrup
– Tea (all types: green, jasmine, lady earl grey, earl grey, chai spice)
– Jams (if you know how to make your own, then do that= less preservatives)
– Flour (preferably without chemicals and other additives)

Having all of these products in your pantry and freezer will help you in the long run, not only are they healthy, they are easy to store and there are many ways to store fruit in the freezer. If you have family recipes, you can use those or you can use the recipes from Pinterest.

Introducing fresh produce and meats and seafood is a million times better than using boxed foods that contain preservatives and harmful chemicals that we shouldn’t be introducing to our body systems.


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