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Stepping Into the Kitchen


Fast foods, boxed dinners, frozen dinners; the list goes on and on of all the types of available meals that are already precooked and ready for us to devour without a second thought. Sadly, these so called meals are not meals at all, they are over processed, contain high preservatives and other chemicals.

What makes this whole situation even worse is that more than 75% of the United States population does not know how to cook a meal from scratch and does not even know how to boil water properly without burning it (I’ve seen people burn water, it’s not pretty). A few months ago, a guy tried to hit on me at the local grocery store while he was holding a frozen tray dinner. My first question to him was, “Can you cook at all?” and his reply was, “Only frozen tray dinners.” This man was 32 years old and didn’t know how to cook at all. This was revolting to me. I’ve also met some 20-something year olds who didn’t even know how to make a simple macaroni and cheese dish. This got me thinking about how bad our society has gotten. It had got me thinking that it is pretty obvious that everyone that is being thrown out into the world probably never learned how to cook a proper meal, even from scratch.

People from other countries around the world in the Middle East, India, Japan, Australia, Russia, Africa (just to name a few) know how to cook a proper meal without adding horrible additives and without using boxed or frozen products. If everyone else in the world can do it, then why can’t our country as a whole do it as well?

As a kid, I stepped inside the kitchen with my mom and granny at a very young age and learned how to make homemade dishes such as apple pie, chicken fried steak, pasta, and breads. As I got older, I learned from other relatives including my dad, paternal grandma, cousins and even learned some more in home economics classes in middle school. Before I graduated (and before my younger brother graduated), my parents made sure that I knew how to cook a proper meal. They even had me cook a couple of meals for them at different times and they would see if I would do good, which they knew I was already a good cook and baker to begin with, they just wanted to see if I had improved. When I moved out of the house, I had accumulated recipes from my parents and other relatives from all over Europe and the Middle East to take with me so I could make delicious and healthy meals. I can make bread from scratch, ravioli from scratch (including the dough), among many other delicious meals; and get extremely ecstatic when I find a new bread recipe (I love to bake).

Personally, I believe that if you have children who still live with you and have not yet graduated from high school, take them into the kitchen and teach them how to cook. Because it is a very important ability to have. Because I can guarantee you that boxed meals and frozen meals will not be around forever, and fast food places will not be around forever either. Boy or girl, they need to be in the kitchen learning how to cook proper foods, that way they can take care of themselves in the future and if they are to have a family then they will be able take care of them as well. Cooking and baking is a million times better than going to some fast food establishment or even relying on over processed boxed foods that shouldn’t even be on the shelves. Parents, please teach your children how to cook, it will not only give them a very good ability but it will be very beneficial and help save money (fast food isn’t cheap nor is going out in general).

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