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Meditation: Winter Mist


It is nearing Autumn all over the world, and in some parts of the world it is getting cooler than other regions of the world. This meditation is inspired by the changing of the season and also a time to remove specific toxins away that you have accumulated over the past nine months of this year.

Sit in the lotus pose, with your hands placed on top of your lap and holding the Gyan Mudra hand pose (index finger and thumb touching at the tip). Close your eyes and let your body sink into your chair, let chair catch your back and just relax. Relax. The darkness that currently is before you is about to disappear and you will soon find yourself in a new place. Listen to your surroundings, do you hear an animal? If so, is it a wolf, deer, fox? Can you hear the sound of snow falling from the branches of tree? Listen closely.

As you sit in the lotus pose, keep your eyes close. However in your mind’s eye, in this mediation, open your eyes. Look around your surroundings. Look at the snow that lies under your feet, look at the snow covered dead trees, see your breath creating a mist in front of your face; and see the wolves, foxes, deer, and other animals wander about this quiet place.

Breathe in the cool winter air into your body, soul, mind, and heart. Let it settle inside of you for a moment, then breathe it out. Watch the mist swirling about in front of your face, taking away all of the toxins. Breathe in again, your mind’s eye begins to get drowsy and begins to close on you. Breathe out, and let the winter air envelope you one last time.

You’ve now arrived back to the darkness that your eyes have created. Slowly open your eyes, feel the sensation that the winter air left inside of you and in your aura. You have been renewed for the Autumn season.



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