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The Autumn Child (Poem)

* Photo taken by Tyler Rayburn

Her warm summer kiss has become a cold winter’s breeze,
Her brightly colored green leaves have become scattered orange leaves beneath my feet.
The sunshine is starting to hide more often,
As the moon and stars come out to play.
The skies are covered with gray,
And the rain trickles throughout the day.
No longer are there hot days,
For the next six months the coldness will envelope us.
No longer will I need the touch of ice cream upon my lips,
A mug of hot tea will help my fix.
I step outside after a long morning of rain,
With my cloak draped around my body.
I whisper to Mother Earth to bless me with her cold gentle kiss,
The kiss lifts me up,
Cleanses me and renews me.
“My Autumn child, you are blessed”,
She whispers to me.

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