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United Nations


I am a woman who is about to turn 25 years old in November, and in my twenty five years of life I’ve seen things that should not be happening at all. There should be no wars, and there certainly shouldn’t be any racial or prejudice occurring. Yet this still happens.

I, like many of you reading this, am made up of several ethnicities. Native American, Abkhazian, Welsh, and Spanish from my mom. German, Scottish, Italian, and Kalash (Pakistan tribe) from my dad. On top of this, I come from different religious backgrounds. My dad is a Christian who is from a long descendent line of Jewish and Animism ancestors. My mom believes in a God, and practices the ways of her Druid and Native American ways. This shaped me in ways that would make others question my upbringing.

Even though I am all of those ethnicities and come from different religious lines, I am who I am.
I am a human being who will live to her 80’s, who is made up of different ethnicities/nationalities, who believes in God but belongs to no religion. I am a human being who is proud of where I come from despite what is happening at the moment. I refuse to separate myself from my cultures just to please anyone, because despite what is occurring at the moment, I am proud of cultures I hail from. Although I was born in the United States, I claim my nationality is Universal. I belong to the Universe. For my heart belongs to each country that my ancestors come from. My religion is peace, for I believe in love, peace, and utopian.


3 thoughts on “United Nations

  1. Beautifully said,… I’ve been around for a couple of decades longer than you and I feel the same, wonder the same, mostly I wonder how when I saw this from when I was very young, that we are all one, and love and peace is our real soul nature, how it is that so many on this planet still do not see that but still play war games.

    Birthday Blessings for your upcoming day

    Oh and I have to ask the cottage on your header, its absolutely gorgeous, do you live there ?


    1. Hello Maia,
      Thank you for replying to my post. It certainly is a subject that not many talk about and I do not know why. Personally, love and peace is far more superior than hatred and prejudice, and hope others see that.
      Thank you for the birthday blessing, that’s kind of you.
      On the cottage, no I don’t. I wish I did though. An acquaintance of mine took the photo while traveling and let me use it as my header.

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      1. You are so right, love and peace is by far the superior subject. I think that a lot of the time its not talked about because so many people do not understand unconditional love. To many only have their own reference in the conditional love they know in their own dramas. However I do think its changing, more and more are waking up.

        Well as I see it the more of us that make the world around us, the way we wish to see our world, near us and the world at large, and hold that vision, the faster it will some to be 🙂 .. & I guess that involves daydreaming and wishing for cottages like that 🙂


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