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Book Club: October


In the spirit of Halloween, for the month of October I’ve chosen a classic thriller/horror book. Many of you have heard of this movie, the famous rendition starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall. However, there are many who have never realized that it was adapted from the book that was written by the most famous psychological thriller author, Stephen King.

Jack Torrance arrives at the Stanley Hotel with his wife, Wendy, and his son, Danny. Jack comes to the town to interview for the winter caretaker, and uses his time at the hotel to write. The events that come about are transpired by the fact that the hotel is buried on a Native American burial site, which disturbs the ancestors and brings about the events to come. Danny, Jack’s son, has premonitions about the hotel being engulfed with blood that pours out of the elevator. Besides the premonitions, there is an eccentric Chef who tells Danny to stay away from room 237, and also uses telepathy to communicate with Danny throughout the story. The most common word from the both the story and from the movie, makes its appearance during a moment of the story, “redrum”.

This story is an instant classic when it comes to psychological thriller/horror genre. Stephen King has definitely created a masterpiece and to read it lets your mind go insane and let you witness it first hand, whereas the movie (albeit very awesome) has you separated from the characters. The Shining is available in almost every public library near you, and easily accessible online.

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