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Prayer to Mother Earth (Poem)


Oh sweet Mother Earth,
Grant us your wisdom of this life we live.
Show all of us the ways of living simple,
and show us all the beauty at lies within each of us.
We are the seeds that you have planted on this earth,
Nourish us and create us into the trees and flowers you want us to be.
For right now,
We are being restricted from your nourishments and love we desperately need.

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The Giggling Swings: A Short Story


It is said that on all hallows eve, if you journey to the park that is situated on the outskirts of town you will be able to hear the voices of the little ones that were brutally murdered in 1943. Park your car a block away from the park, then walk towards it with caution. Keep your eyes wide open and your ears perked for you will hear the whispers and giggles of the little girls and boys.

At the stroke of midnight, you sit on the park bench, with your eyes wide open placed on the swings about fifty yards away. At first you may see nothing but once it is 12:01 the shadows appear and begin to dance around the swings. The giggles from all of the children will fill your ears to the brim, while you have a slight smile upon your face. But soon enough that smile will disappear, just as the giggles will submerge into the darkness. For the dark figure from 1943 has suddenly appeared.

The screams of the children fill the midnight air, bringing you to tears. One child notices you, a small little boy with a hat on his head and green eyes, his eyes are filled with dread and fear. He mouths to you in the dark, run. You cannot move, you’re frozen on the park bench. The dark shadow that has been glaring at the children turns its attention to you. Although you cannot see its face, you know it’s a man and he is smiling at you. Slowly he walks towards you, making your whole body quiver, your heart drop and your face turns pale. You wish to move, you wish to run away from the park back to your vehicle, then you realize that your fear is coming alive. The shadow is now towering over you, you take one last look at it before you are taken off.

Next Hallows Eve…

You see a young man sitting on the park bench, it is now 12:01, all of the children have come out to play and hear a low laugh appear to your left. You know what’s about to happen, it has happened many times before, the shadow turns its attention to the man on the park bench and smiles that grimacing smile. You try to yell, try to get the young man’s attention, alas you fail. Your voice has been taken, your mouth shown shut and you are nothing but a wandering soul in the midnight hour. The young man sees the shadow, acknowledges it and suddenly he is joining you by your side.

Since 1943 at 12:01 this takes place, in a small town in the middle of nowhere at the park on the outskirts of town. This shall continue to happen until the end of time.


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Book Club: November 

For the month of November, I chose a book that I recently read and enjoyed every page of it. An Irish Country Doctor by Patrick Taylor is a novel about a young twenty four year old medical graduate named Barry Laverty, who has been contemplating about what practice he wants to specialize in. Even though he has not chosen his specialty, he has traveled to Ballybucklebo for an interview with the towns local doctor. When he arrives for his interview, he sees one of the locals being tossed out of the house by the doctor and is immediately disgusted by the doctor. The doctor’s name is Fingal O’Reilly and even though he seems like the type of man you would want to yell at for different reasons, you start to see the side of him that he tries to hide from everyone else. Dr. O’Reilly becomes not only a mentor for Barry, he also becomes somewhat of a father figure for him as well. 

Throughout the book Barry encounters several colorful characters, a lovely lady named Patricia who attends the university to be an engineer, the Bishop who has severe anger issues and likes to con people out of their money, and many more. 

This book is just the start of a great book series from Patrick Taylor, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading late at night with a cup of tea or by the fireplace on a cool autumn day.

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Just Be You



In this day and age everyone is trying so hard to fit and try to be just like everyone else. What they do not realize is that by doing this, they are hiding the real them away in the basement of their minds and hearts. At some point, everyone wants to fit in so badly with society, to be accepted, and to be loved that they will do just about anything and say anything. Fitting in should not be a priority for anyone to be honest, instead standing out in the crowd is much better and healthier too.

Look at it this way, if you were trying to fit into the mold that society has created, then you become just like everyone else…a sheep. Do you want to be a sheep? Do you want to spend the rest of your life following the rest of the world, and not be your true self? Do you want to have someone control the way you think, you talk, the way you dress, and act? No? Then stop trying to fit into society and follow your mind and your heart.

Following your heart and mind ultimately leads you to happiness. Yes, you will hit a few bumps along the way, but you are supposed to. The path that you are supposed to be following (that is designed for you, and only you) is to lead you to your own enlightenment, your own happiness, and to your own growth. Trying to be someone that you are not, will steer you completely off your path and that will destroy you. Not all at once, but slowly.

Society has this messed up so-called vision of what everyone needs to look like, act like, think like, and be into, in order to be “hip and cool”. Trust me, being either hip or cool is not the greatest thing in the world, nor should it be a top priority in life. Follow your own path, reach your enlightenment and your milestones, find your own personal legend, and follow your passions and dreams…. just be you and no one else.

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Two Parts of a Whole (Poem)


Made from the same star,
our souls are of one frequency.
Made from the source,
our love flows freely.
You and I are alike,
yet so different.
I am the yin and you are the yang,
the two of us together have a bond that has being going on since the big bang.

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A Garden in the Underworld (Poem)


For thousands of years I have lived here with my husband,
For a thousand more we shall live here still.
He is the ruler of the dead,
And I am the ruler of the flowers in the hills.
Though I have not walked the hills for thousands of years,
I roam these dark garden stonewalls,
waiting and hoping for some sort of light to fall.

Alas, no light shall creep through to this dark world,
No light shall ever make my flowers grow.
Instead of light, magic makes them grow,
They grow to the end of the river of styx,
they grow around each and every river bend.
This garden of mine is divine,
This garden basks in the darkness of the underworld,
and will do so till the end of time.

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The Love from Hades (Poem)


The moment I met you,
was the moment that the flowers inside of my heart began to bloom.
The moment I met you,
was the moment that I knew I wanted to be your bridegroom.

For thousands of years I have stayed down here,
falling for you as you roamed the hills that you take care of,
oblivious to the love I have for you.
You are the bones to my spine,
You are the blood to my heart,
Everything hurts knowing that we are currently apart.
All that I can hope is that one day you will look in my eyes,
and know that you and I were always meant to be.
I will stay here and wait for you,
wait for you to love me just as I do you.

**Artwork by  Rebekah Holguin