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In the Dead of Night


What is the first thing we do when we wake up each and every morning? We either turn on the television, grab a newspaper, or even get onto the internet. Most people catch up on the news due to the fact that it changes daily and new things happen all over the world in the dead of night, so as they get ready they will be able to hear the news playing throughout their homes while they rush around and grab whatever they are needing for that day.

Almost every morning on the news, the number one thing that seems to be an occurrence is violence. Women are being mutilated in specific parts of the world, gays are being lynched still in different regions of the world, and there are more mass shootings in the United States within the past ten years alone. Here is my question, why is there still violence? Why are there women’s genitalia getting mutilated? Why are the LGBT community still receiving hate and getting murdered around the world? Why are there mass shootings happening at least once a month? Why?

Women are strong; they are strong when they are educated, they are strong when the stand up for not only the rights for themselves but for others as well, and they are so strong that they can hold a baby inside of them for nine months then deliver that baby during intense hours of labor. Those who wish to make women feel inferior are inferior themselves. They do not see that even in the past thousands and thousands of years, women have ran civilizations and were considered priestess (ancient times of Europe and Asia). The LGBT community receives so much hate due to overly religious people who seem to think that they can judge another person’s love life. When in fact they are not allowed to do so at all. Yes, you may have your opinion, and yes you may express it. However to judge someone based on their sexual preference is ignorant. Just as it is ignorant to judge another person on how they dress or what they believe in. Everyone is different, I am completely different from my brother, yet we get a long very well.

The mass shootings have been getting out of hand. And before any of you start jumping down my throat about how we need to ban guns, let me say this; you could kill a person with a steak knife as well, so should we ban steak knives as well? The guns are merely just a weapon, I grew up around them due to the fact that my dad and his friends, and my brother go hunting and use guns to take down an elk. The person behind the gun is the problem, not the gun itself. Banning guns is not the problem, screening the applicants more effectively would help reduce the mass shootings. However there is the black market, and you can easily obtain a weapon that way, just as you can get a hit man or drugs on the black market. Guns are merely a pawn in the game of someone who is mentally incapable of coping with situations, it is truly the person behind the gun that kills another person.

Violence should not be escalating like this. Right now, I don’t have any kids, but I do have younger cousins who are growing up with this. They are being conditioned to think that this the only way to deal with situations. They are being conditioned to say, “Oh look another shooting” then go on with their day. Which to me it is horrific. We need to actually make a difference in this society of ours and actually do something to lower the violent rates. I am more of a pacifist, however I will say this, if I were put in a dangerous situation I would fight to keep my life and keep the lives of others. It is part of my personality to protect others and make sure that they are safe.

What say you? Are you going to just look at your television every morning and just be conditioned like the rest of the society to just accept these horrific violent rates? Or are you going to stand up against it and make a difference for the future generations to come?


**Drawing by Abby (Pinterest)

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