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Washing Away the Stress



It is inevitable, we all deal with stress from time to time. And sometimes, the stress is so overwhelming that we don’t know what to do with ourselves. So we just hide away in our homes, under the covers, with all of the electronics off, and just hide from the world that is outside our windows. I know this to be true. I deal with stress just like everyone else, yet over the years I have developed techniques to release some of that stress that is lingering inside of my body and mind. And during the course of getting my Stress Management Coaching certificate, I have learned about other techniques as well. Today, I want to show you all how to deal with stress in effective ways and that way you can use them throughout your life and also show your loved ones as well.

1. Go for a walk – This is one of the oldest ways of dealing with stress. When you go for a walk, you can focus on your thoughts and sort them out, all the while you are enjoying the view of Mother Nature. Go for a walk around your neighborhood, up on the trails, or up in the mountains. Any place you can think of, go there and just walk for however long you wish.

2. Run – Although this in many ways correlates with walking, running is also highly effective. While you are running, you can plug in your headphones and just tune everyone out, and focus on the music and keeping your pace. Each time you go for a run, you will see and also feel the stress fading away, all the while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Don’t focus on how many miles you have ran, just focus on reducing the stress and enjoying the scenery around you. **I go for runs at least five times a week.

3. Pick wildflowers- Instead of running to the local store and buying said flowers, go out into the wilderness and pick the flowers yourself. Pick the ones you find beautiful and wish to bring back home with you so you can press them into a journal or even arrange them in a vase for your table or windowsill. Picking wildflowers is a therapeutic way of relieving any stress that you are harboring.

4. Submerge – Fill up your bathtub with warm or hot water (your preference), and place candles throughout the bathroom. Put on some light music, and just submerge yourself into the peaceful scene before you. If you wish to do so, add some rose petals into the water and add bubbles to have a bubble bath to even more enjoyable. Remember, this time is for you to get rid of the stress that has been weighing you down.

5. Fill up your mug – Grab your favorite mug and fill it up with your favorite hot drink, whether it be hot chocolate, tea, coffee, anything. Drinking something hot simply makes you start off slow. While you begin sipping on your drink, your body will automatically start to relax and you will feel  the sensation of the drink making its way down your throat and into your body, warming you up and filling you up with a sense of comfort.

6. Grab a book – Pick up a book that you have yet to read, or go to your local bookstore and pick up a new book that you have never heard of before and read it. Books are simply a magical tool that can whisk you off into the pages where you will let your stress simply fall off of you. **Every month, I publish a post for book club of the month, you can use those if you wish.

7. Step into the kitchen – Ah, the kitchen. Besides books and running, the kitchen is my favorite place to be. In the kitchen, you can create a new meal from scratch and just let your hands feel the vegetables, fruits, and whatever product you are using. Cooking reduces stress because this is where you put your focus onto something and you don’t want to taint it with bad thoughts.

8. Watch a good movie – Whatever type of movie you enjoy watching, put that into your DVD player and watch it. It can be a heartfelt hallmark movie or it could be a funny movie or it could even be a horror flick, whatever your heart desires.

9. Spend time with your fur babies – Pretty much everyone on this planet has an animal or two, and spending  quality time with your pets is not only beneficial to you, but also beneficial to your pets as well. The bond between a pet and their owner is something unique and special, and when you spend time with them you will start to feel the stress fade away. Petting their fur will relax you and also relax them, due to the fact that all animals can sense when a person is under stress and not feeling well. All animals are highly sensitive to your emotions and aura, and will want to stay by your side while you let the stress fade away. Put in a movie, and sit on the couch with your fur baby and just let the stress fade away.






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