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The Cunning Race: The Ignorant Side of the Political Race on Social Media


Here we are in the year 2016. This is the last year for President Barack Obama to be the President of the United States of America. And right now at this very moment is the race to the white house. We have several candidates who are running for presidency, yet the two main runners are representing the Republican (Donald Trump) and Democrat (Hillary Clinton) parties.

I am not a political person, I do vote and I do have an opinion, however I do not wish to talk politics with others due to the fact that all it does is start wars that should never be started. However, I would like to preface that I will not be voting for either Trump or Clinton, that is just my opinion on this whole matter (voting for another person). Rarely will I even get into the political side of the social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), however I do see the posts that my family, friends, and followers put up. And time after time again, it is always the two major political parties going into a feeding frenzy over their views. Which quite honestly, I find a bit ridiculous and a waste of time.

What I find even more a waste of time, name calling. Name calling over someone’s own opinion and view on the subject at hand. Let me give you an example, one of my cousins recently posted about his wife getting name called over her view of Donald Trump (her presidential choice) and it had been taken too far. Let me ask you all this, aren’t you a little too old to be name calling someone? A little too old to be trying to tear someone down for having their own opinion, their own view, their own beliefs? I believe so.

Freedom of Expression is listed in the Constitution under the Bill of Rights, declaring everyone the right to express themselves, that includes political views. Just because someone’s view doesn’t line up with yours, doesn’t mean that you have every right to trash talk them and tear them down for having a mind of their own. Yes, a good old debate where things can be somewhat civilized is a great way to see both views out on the table and let others see things from a different perspective. Sadly, there are people out there who decide to resort to cyber bullying someone just because they have a different mindset and a different political opinion.

Yes, we all have our own views, our own beliefs, and we belong to our chosen political parties. No one is the same, even in the political aspects of life. It is just impossible for everyone to believe in the same thing. If every person thought the same way, believe in the same thing, and “stayed in the line” so to speak (conform), then we would all be mindless robots under the rule of a tyrannical dictator and live horrible miserable lives. Does that sound like heaven to you? Personally, I think that would be hell on earth, I don’t plan living there. I wouldn’t even want to live in this time period either, but I digress.

Everyone’s views on this whole race to the white house differ from each person, that is just how it is. Resorting to cyber bullying is one of the lowest things any person could do on the internet, and quite honestly it is not worth it. Remember, you have your own view and not everyone will agree with you. Getting upset just because no one is going to conform to your way of thinking is not going to help you out in the end.

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