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Book Club: November 

For the month of November, I chose a book that I recently read and enjoyed every page of it. An Irish Country Doctor by Patrick Taylor is a novel about a young twenty four year old medical graduate named Barry Laverty, who has been contemplating about what practice he wants to specialize in. Even though he has not chosen his specialty, he has traveled to Ballybucklebo for an interview with the towns local doctor. When he arrives for his interview, he sees one of the locals being tossed out of the house by the doctor and is immediately disgusted by the doctor. The doctor’s name is Fingal O’Reilly and even though he seems like the type of man you would want to yell at for different reasons, you start to see the side of him that he tries to hide from everyone else. Dr. O’Reilly becomes not only a mentor for Barry, he also becomes somewhat of a father figure for him as well. 

Throughout the book Barry encounters several colorful characters, a lovely lady named Patricia who attends the university to be an engineer, the Bishop who has severe anger issues and likes to con people out of their money, and many more. 

This book is just the start of a great book series from Patrick Taylor, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading late at night with a cup of tea or by the fireplace on a cool autumn day.

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