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Book Club: December


For the month of December I wanted to choose a book that you can enjoy on a chilly winter’s eve, while the snow is falling outside your window, and you on the couch drinking your hot beverage. Instead of a classic Christmas story, I have chosen a mystery novel that will keep you captivated for hours on end. You will never want to put it down, yet at the same time, you will feel like you want all of your questions answered.

Wolf Winter by Cecilia Ekbäck, is a unique story that follows the family of Maj, who travels from Finland, all the way to Swedish Lapland. Those who are with her are her husband, Jan-Erik, and her two daughters, Marit and Frederika. They leave Finland, hoping that they will leave their past behind them and all of the trauma that goes along with it. Behind their house lies a beautiful yet harsh mountain known as Blackåsen, the story behind the mountain is titillating yet also has a dark history attached to it.

During one day, when Frederika is out herding the goats, she stumbles upon the mutilated dead body of one of their neighbors. Although the death is ruled accidental and by a wolf attack, Maj feels that the wounds that were inflicted on the neighbor can only be caused by another man. Maj begins to investigate the unfortunate event of the death of her neighbor, and learns all about his widow’s fate. All the while this is happening, Frederika is drawn to the mountain, for she sees and feels something about the mountain that no adult nor anyone else can see.

This novel is truly compelling, and a delightful read for anyone who enjoys a nice mystery story on a snowy day or night. All you need to do is grab your copy of the book, brew yourself a nice hot mug of your choosing, grab a blanket, and get comfortable on the couch, because you will be sucked directly into the book.

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I Can See It (Poem)


I can see it.
I can see you standing there looking at me,
As I walk down the path to you.
The tears streaming from my face,
match the ones that come from you.

I can see it.
I can see us living together,
Cuddling on the couch while we watch a movie,
create a family in that house,
and creating many memories.

I can see it.
I can see us living to the ripe old age of 80,
Living life to the fullest,
Creating recipes with the grandchildren,
And kissing each other for the last time
before we head off to the afterlife.
I can just see it.

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Law of Attraction Lifestyle


Law of attraction or manifestation, whichever you wish to call it, is a powerful force. Most of the population is unaware that they are using this powerful thing every moment of every day, and in all honesty that is quite terrifying. Because law of attraction is one of the most powerful tools a human being could use in their life; it is what makes a person’s life positive or negative. In fact, each person is 100% responsible for their own life. And everything that they experience is a reflection of them. Each person will attract the good, the bad, and the indifferent through the subconscious thoughts whether they are positive or negative thoughts. For example, if you think negatively about your work, love life, or any other aspect in your life; then negativity will emerge from the depths and make you see what you have been thinking.

As I said before, law of attraction is powerful and it should be used with the intention of bringing good and positive things into your life; not negativity (even though negativity simmers down there, it is not wise to bring it up to the top). When living the law of attraction lifestyle, many do not know how to do it or they are simply overwhelmed by every little tidbit of information out there. This post will show you how to start living your life by using law of attraction. Keep in mind, these are in no particular order.

Learn and be aware of the law of attraction and listen to it – When you have learned about the law of attraction and have learned what it can bring into your life, you realize that you have the ability to bring the positive outcome into your life, and also manifest the things you have been wanting into your life.

You need to be will to accept that you are creating your experience – For the most part, you do not realize that you are the one that is actually bringing all these things into your life. It lies in your subconscious and even though it simmers there; it still has the ability to bring these negative thoughts to reality.

Know exactly what you want in your life – When you know what exactly what you want in your life and put it out into the universe, expect to receive it. Your mind, your heart, and the Universe are all tied together and when you know what you want and throw it out to the Universe with a positive sensation, it will come into your life.

Vision boards and affirmations – Creating a vision board consisting of pictures and texts will help you bring in the positivity into your life, all the while bringing you the things you want. Reflect on your vision board everyday for at least five minutes in either the morning or at night, and affirm what you have on your vision board is what you want.

Get rid of resisting thoughts – When you realize that negative and resisting thoughts have begun to plague your mind, you need to remove them quickly before they make a home inside of you. These negative and resisting thoughts oppose everything that you are working towards, and when they are trying to make their presence known, that is when you need to move quickly and remove them from your life.

Maintain a healthy body – Just like every part of life, having a healthy body is important. Eating properly and exercising will help your body be healthy and will help you be able to move throughout this life a lot smoother. **Recently, I wrote a post about the 80/20 lifestyle, where you eat 80% healthy and 20% indulge, go check it out. It will help you in this aspect.

Treat others the way you want to be treated – In this day and age, most of the population does not know how to be kind to one another and respect each other. Sadly, this is terrifying. I have always believe in the golden rule, treat others the way you want to be treated. Treating others with love, kindness, and respect is healthier not only for me but also for the other person as well. Because, slowly, the other person will begin to treat not only themselves but others as well with love, kindness, and respect. Even though there are people out there who will not greet your kindness and warmth with respect, they still deserve that kindness and warmth from you.

“The law of attraction is most understood when you see yourself as a magnet getting more and more of the way you feel.” – Abraham Hicks



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I Want (Poem)


I want to end up in the middle of nowhere,
away from the world,
and for a little while
just disappear.

I want to find a little spot,
start a campfire,
and watch the stars in the night sky.

I want to listen to the rain drizzle,
hit the top of the tent,
as you cuddle in my arms.
That is what I want.


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An Herbalist Advice: Herbal Baths II


For those who enjoy taking baths, like myself, thoroughly enjoy being covered by the hot water floating over our bodies, while we listen to music, and have a candle or two lit; this post is about the different type of herbs and flowers that you can add to the bath, to create a soothing and relaxing environment around you. These are just a few different types of recipes that you can use when you do an herbal bath.

**All recipes are equal parts, so if you do 1/2 cup of lavender, then you do 1/2 cup with whatever else the other ingredient is.  Unless stated with the recipe.**

Bedtime Bath
Epsom Salt

Love Yourself Bath
1 part Clove
2 parts Coriander
3 parts Jasmine
1 part Ginger

Detox Naturally
1 cup Epsom Salt
1 cup Baking Soda
2 tablespoon Coconut Oil
5-6 drops of Rose Essential Oil
5-6 drops of Frankincense Essential Oil

Remote in Nature Bath
1 cup Epsom Salt
1/2 cup Baking Soda
1/4 cup of Sea Salt
4 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
4 drops of Cedarwood Essential Oil

I will post more herbal bath recipes at a later date, for now here are these ones. If you wish to know a few more recipes, or oils for the bath, message me and I will give you them.

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The War on Our Bodies


About seven years ago, I sat myself on my bed and decided that I was going to have a conversation with myself about myself, to finally heal. I grabbed my journal, a pen, and turned on some music. No one was home at the time, so this was a great time for me to do this. As soon as the pen touched the paper, a letter to myself began to take form. There were moments where I cried and there were moments where I laughed out loud. I just kept writing, it didn’t matter how long this entry was, and it didn’t matter how long it was taking, it had become highly therapeutic for me. I was finally having that conversation that I truly needed, the one that I had put off for years due to other commitments, but I had realized that this was something that needed to be done. This is was the conversation that I need to have to heal my mind, body, and soul.

Why? That was one of the questions that I had asked myself, why was I so hard on myself, and on my appearance. Why was I constantly picked on growing up for looking different from others? I was puzzled for awhile after I had asked myself this question. Then I realized, it was because of society and the media. They had been trying to brainwash me into thinking that since I didn’t look like a Victoria Angel’s model, that there was something terribly wrong with me. They had been trying to make me think that every inch of my skin was deformed. Once I had realized this, that was when I knew that the media and society was truly messed up. Placing the pen down and looking at the journal, I had realized a lot of things, one that everyone on this planet is so impressionable, regardless of age or gender. Another one was that everyone on this planet is unique and different, no two people are going to look alike, not even twins (granted that I already knew this, it had just appeared to me on another level). After that, I had decided to wage what you would call a war on the media and at society for brainwashing everyone into believing that they need to look a certain way to feel attractive. Not only that, I had decided that I wanted help others build better and healthier relationships with their bodies and finally feel comfortable with themselves and feel attractive. That was when I had created a ritual type of list for everyone to participate in, and today, I will share with you that list (in no particular order):

Stand in front of the mirror – After getting out of the shower, stand in front of the mirror, butt naked. While you stand there, I want you to look at every inch of your body and notice everything. After that, I want you to list 5 things that you love about yourself. These can be qualities that you already have, personality traits, physical attributes that you have that you think look amazing. Do this every day, and by the time it is the end of the year, your relationship with your body has become healthier.

Stretch to the sky – I am a certified Pilates Instructor and enjoy both yoga and Pilates, they help the body stretch and let the muscles relax after a long day at work. Participating in yoga or Pilates will help you connect with your body on a deeper level. You will see that you and your body are no longer at war with each other anymore.

Embrace your flaws – Everyone has flaws, and I mean everyone. Even the models that walk the runway to the prince’s and princesses of the world have flaws. Everyone has stretch marks and cellulite, that is what happens when you go through puberty, when you are pregnant, when you go through life in general; it is natural and nothing to freak out about.

Shut out the media/society- Let’s be honest, the media doesn’t know anything, their metaphorical head is shoved so far up their metaphorical rear end, that they cannot see that they are doing damage to each person in this society that we live in. They do not realize that they are part of the source of the problem that is consuming each person when it comes to body shaming someone. Turn away from the side of the world, and come over to the side of the world where you are accepted, where your body is accepted the way it is, and where you will not be judged. That is where you belong.

Accept your body the way it is – Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way, and that means you too. In the end, you don’t need to be a certain way or look a certain way to be yourself.

Remember that the scale is inaccurate – That scale that you have in your bathroom, it is completely inaccurate. It does not take into consideration your organs, your time of the month (ladies), bone density. Also, there is one thing that the scale cannot tell you…. your worth. You are worth more than a number on a scale and some waist measurement that anyone gives you. You are worth more than all of that. In fact, your worth is so priceless that it would be hard to buy it from you. Remember that.

For all of those who want a bikini body – For all of you who wish to have the “perfect bikini body”, there is only one thing that I need to say to you. Put on that bikini and rock it.

Don’t listen to the body shamers – No matter how far we get in this life, with making an impact on stopping body shaming, there will always be those who feel the need to body shame others just because they are insecure with themselves and feel like they are justified with being able to make fun of others. Don’t listen to them and don’t let their rude comments on any of your social media accounts or in person destroy your beautiful aura. They are not worth your time. I would like to bring this up in this section, if you are going to take down a body shamer, do not body shame them – you will lower yourself to their level, and that’s not what you want to do. Keep this in mind, you are the only that decides your worth; not the scale in your bathroom, and certainly no body shamer that roams about in cyberspace.

Every body is beautiful – No matter what, there is always going to be those people who have decided to say that “bones are for dogs, meat is for men” or “people don’t like fat cows”. And honestly whenever I read something like that, I throw up in my mouth. There is no one body type that is more beautiful than the other. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, is beautiful.

Never be ashamed of your body, for your body is beautiful. There is nothing wrong with it, and don’t let anyone ever try to tear down your worth or strip you of your beauty that glows from the inside to  the outside.

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80/20 Lifestyle


** I would like to preface this, before you ever start trying to lose weight, you must remember that you are already beautiful the way you are and you must develop a healthy relationship with yourself and with your body. If you are wanting to lose weight due to a recent medical diagnosis, please seek advice not only from me but also from your local nutritionist as well. **

Time and time again I see a lot of people trying to lose weight, and these people want to lose weight quickly, as if a miracle will happen over night with the help of whatever fad diet that they have chosen. Then I see other people just barely eating nothing in order to lose the weight, which in turn makes their body system shut down and begin to starve and feast on whatever fat content that is stored. Fad diets and eating very little are very unhealthy and should not be approached at all. In fact, there have been many studies on all of the fad diets out there (especially with the ones that requires you to take pills), that show the consequences of what could potentially happen to your body if you were to go down this path. During the summer of 2015, a young lady from the United Kingdom named Eloise (may she rest in peace) passed away after taking diet pills that were jam packed with high chemical toxins. This unfortunate event had taken a young lady from her family and friends, from living healthy, from ever getting married or having children, and it certainly took her away from the fact that she would never be able to pursue her passions and dreams.

We live in a society where we are constantly bombarded by the media and the rest of society to feel like we need to have a specific body shape and be at a certain weight just be “hot”, and quite honestly it sickens me. We live in a messed up society and no one should be feeling like they need to lose weight in such a drastic way, that it leads them to death. On top of that, Adolphe Quetelet (mathematician and astronomer) who had created the Body Mass Index has been quoted several times to thousands of people that you must be “this many pounds” for your height. Which in all honesty is inaccurate. This is due to the fact that Body Mass Index does not take everything into consideration. Each person is different, especially when it comes to their bodies. You have to take into consideration how tall you are, your organs, whether you are ovulating or on your period (ladies), what you have just eaten, also the bone density.

Now, there is a healthier way of losing the weight that you are wanting to lose, and it is called the 80/20 rule. I actually live with this rule, and personally I  think it is fantastic. The 80/20 rule is summed up to this: you eat healthy 80% of the time, and you indulge 20% of the time. So you can enjoy that lean meat with roasted vegetables, and also have a slice of that tiramisu that you have had your eyes on. This is the best of both worlds, because you are balancing your body with the nutrients you desperately need, while also enjoying a little sinful delight. Eating in the 80/20 manner, while adding exercise will ultimately help you lose the weight. Keep in mind, when you start getting healthier and wanting to lose weight, it will take time. It will not happen miraculously over night, and it will not happen with a snap of the fingers.

Personally I don’t like to call it a rule, but that is what it is known as, however I call it a lifestyle. This lifestyle is suited for everyone on this planet. And it is a lot healthier and a lot safer to do, then to shove diet pills down your throat and hope for the best. As a Certified Mind Body Fitness Coach, I highly recommend this. If by some chance you are a little unsure about how to go about it, and would like more information, do not hesitate to get a hold of me.