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Endangerment: Rhino


Rhino’s are some of the most magnificent creatures on this planet, they are complex, mysterious, agile, and for the most part they are pretty peaceful. However they are becoming extinct in South Africa, this is due to poachers killing them off for their horns that contain ivory. These poachers are actually illegal and are not even to be going near any animal at all, but they do not care about the animals and their extinction, they only care about the money and obtaining a lot of it. Back in 2014, poachers had killed more than 1,200 rhinos that year alone, and each year that number continues to get higher and higher. What makes this whole situation worse, is that the government wants to make poaching legal, which makes me want to vomit. If poaching is made legal, and more rhinos in particular are killed off from the plains from South Africa, the price will plummet and all of the poachers will be running rampant to find more rhinos in other areas of the world and killing them off there too.

There was a brief period in 2008, where poaching for ivory was made legal. Horrifying enough, when this had happened, all of the poachers had gone on a rampage and nearly killed off every rhino known to existence and tried to collect as much ivory as they could to make a quick buck. Thankfully, the government got their heads out of their rear ends and made it illegal once again. However, with the government even thinking about making it legal again, it is bound to bring upon destruction among the rhino community. All of them will be wipe off the face of the earth and we will no longer be graced with their existence. We cannot let the government make poaching legal again, we have to stop them from doing so. Make them see that making it legal will bring about the death of the entire race of the rhino, and quite honestly we do not want the rhino to go extinct whatsoever. On top of that, legalizing poaching will be basically playing into the organized crime hands. Poachers are extremely intelligent and very creative, they have the ability to manipulate officials and make more money for ivory. The poachers are highly cunning, have no morals, and have high ambitions to just make money; therefor they will do whatever it takes to obtain that ivory and that money that they think that they are entitled to.

These rhinos need to be carefully surveillance and protected at all times, just like every other animal that is on the endangered. On top of that, we need to be talking to the governments all over the world and make it illegal everywhere, and make it a serious felony for any of those who wish to bring harm to the animals.

Now, all of you that follow me on here and all of my social media accounts know that I am completely against poaching, and believe that it needs to be stopped right away before every animal on this planet becomes extinct. It makes me sick to my stomach that people think that they have the right to steal the life and body parts from a defenseless animal, all just for money.
Each month I will be showcasing animals that are going extinct and providing information about the whole situation and even provide links to where you can help protect these animals.

If you wish to sign the petition to save the rhinos, just follow this link below and follow the easy steps provided for you. Thank you for standing up against the poachers and defending the rhinos.

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