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An Herbalist Advice: Earl Grey Tea


Ah winter time, the time of the year where we put on our winter boots and pile on the sweaters for when we are outside in the frosty morning air. The perfect time of the year to relax and enjoy the sweet yet chilly kisses that mother nature has to offer. During the winter time, most people do not feel like they are able to overcome the winter blues and maintain their weight (many people complain that it is too cold outside). Luckily there is a healthy way to help both of these notorious problems.

Earl Grey tea, named after the British Prime Minister Earl Charles Grey (1800’s), this tea is packed with the traditional black tea leaves while also introducing bergamont oil into the heavenly mixture. The aroma that it gives is something out of this world, and to this day, it is quite popular in certain regions of the world when it comes to breakfast time. Besides being a great warm tea with your breakfast on cold winter mornings, it has some amazing health benefits.

Antidepressant – Everyone knows that aromatherapy has been proven to alter ones mood and get rid of the depressive moods. Bergamont oil has the same effect, and that is why so many people love it. The bergamont oil replaces the feelings of depression, stress, and fear with a relaxing state inside their mind and body.

Weight loss – The citrus extract inside of the tea helps with the weight loss. The calories are broken down and become food for the muscles or they are released through the natural metabolic process.

Plenty of energy – The earl grey tea has the same energy effects as coffee, but it has a lot less caffeine products in it, making it healthier and safer for the individual. To help boost your energy, use honey instead of sugar, and lemon instead of creamer with the tea; your energy will boosted and you will not have that afternoon crash like you would with coffee.

Hydration – It is known that coffee will dehydrate you, however, with tea you will be hydrated instead of dehydrated. Tea contains high potassium, therefor it will keep the individual hydrated throughout the day.

Fever – According to my Italian ancestors, bergamont has been used in cures to treat fever and intestinal problems. It has been said to improve immune system, cure any fever, as well as reduce stress levels. Earl grey tea is safer to take than taking prescription medications.

These are just a few things that Earl Grey tea is good for. There are several other benefits that it contains and helps. Drink a cup or two in the morning before you head off to work, even at work and it will help you throughout the day.

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