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Book Club: January


Welcome to 2017 everyone! This past year went by so fast, I could not believe it with my own eyes. I wanted to kick off the new year with a wonderful novel that you will all thoroughly enjoy.

When the Moon is Low is a beautifully written novel by the talented Nadia Hashimi; the author behind The Pearl That Broke Its Shell and A House Without Windows. The novel follows a lady named Fereiba living in Kabul, working as a school teacher. While she works as a school teacher, Fereiba tries to shut away the childhood that she endured, while she finds love in an arranged marriage. All in all, Fereiba is living a comfortable life; however, that comfortable life comes to an end, when the Taliban rises to power and her entire family becomes a target for the new regime ran by fundamentalists. Fereiba and her three children are forced to flee from their home all the way to London to live with her sister. In the dead of the night, under the cover of darkness, Fereiba and her children make their way to Iran. This journey has transformed Fereiba into a desperate refugee seeking safety for her and her children. Unfortunately, once Fereiba and her children make it into Europe, they become part of the underground network for the undocumented refugees. To make matters worse, her eldest teenage son has been taken while they were in Greece. Without his mother, the young teenager is forced into human trafficking and refugee camps, leaving him to grow up in them and endure the coming of age in the worst places imaginable.

If you wish to see what will happen to Fereiba and her three children, go grab a copy of it in bookstores across the world, or even online. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat and you will not want to put it down for even a second. Your heart will be racing and your mind will run rampant as you envision Fereiba in your mind as you read.

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