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Healing From the Core: Meditating at Work



When you are working a 9 to 5 type of job, there will be moment where you will become groggy, in pain, and will have your head throbbing after hours of staring at the computer and filling out paperwork. It is just one of the things that tends to come with job the sadly, however it doesn’t have to be like that everyday when you are working. There are plenty of ways to help you from going insane at work, and meditation is one of them.

But, you can’t meditate while you are working, you need to be perfectly still and not be concentrating on anything at all! Not necessarily, in fact, when it comes to meditation, you can meditate in just about every situation, even with your eyes open. Yes you will be focusing on other aspects of your work, however you can indeed meditate while you are doing your normal routine when it comes to work.

Having an Mp3, iPod, or some sort of radio will suffice when it comes to this. Using this electronic device, you will need a meditation app. You can either go to Pandora and select nature sounds or meditation music stations and that can work just perfectly, or you can go into the app on your mobile phone (cellphone), and download meditation apps that just give you the sounds of different animals, instruments, or of nature. In fact, I have my phone next to me right at this very moment, with the app Relax Melodies, and listening to the flute play as I type this up and also do other work related things. That music or sound will reduce the stress that is currently residing in your head, the stress that is making you feel as though you are weighed down. As the music/sound does this, your mind will start to do something amazing. One part of your mind will be ever so focused on whatever the task is at hand, while another part of your mind is off in a trance like state, making you feel as though you are not really at your desk.

Another way to meditate at work is during your breaks, pretty much every job has at least a ten minute break once in the morning and once in the afternoon, then a hour long lunch, other times it will be a fifteen minute break in the morning and afternoon with a thirty minute long lunch. During these breaks, you can go outside with your Mp3/iPod with you and plug in your headphones, then head off for a Zen brisk walk. Enjoying the scenery around you and listening to the music, it will help you meditate and release the stress and anxiety that has accumulated inside your mind and body. As you walk, your mind can multitask, letting you focus on your surroundings while it is transporting you to another place where there is less stress.

Meditating at work is not all that hard, in fact it can be quite easy. Keep the nature sounds and meditation music around you at all times, and make your desk and office a sanctuary that you can relax and meditate in, all the while getting every single assignment assigned to you done in a timely manner.

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