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Healing From the Core: Mindful Eating



We are all human beings who love food, and there are many reasons to love for from its taste to its appearance, but the number one thing food is for, is to nourish us, and keep us energized throughout the entire day while we are at work, school, or any function. However, with our love for food, we tend to over do it when we find ourselves face to face with the food we love and enjoy. And when we over do it when we eat, we tend to make ourselves bloated real fast, we make ourselves sick, and then we feel like we never want to look at food again. Instead of wolfing down the food that is before us, we need to practice mindful eating.

The term of mindful eating has been around for a long time, it is all about taking the time to enjoy the food, enjoy each bite as the flavors from the food dance on our tongues, let the intoxicating smells linger through the air and into our noses, and just take our time with it. Eating slowly helps a person enjoy the food, while nourishing their body with the nutrients that they need.

Most people do not know that it takes twenty minutes for their body to know if it is full or not. So while you are eating slowly, your body can digest each piece in affectively, and without making you sick at all. It can seem pretty hard to practice mindful eating when your work place gives you an allotted time for your lunch break, but try to slow down your eating habits and just enjoy the food that you have with you. Also, try to keep away anything that could be distracting, such as electronics. However, if you cannot eat with an electronic device with you, then find a program that is the length of thirty minutes, and eat at the pace of the show. This will let you enjoy the food, and let your body digest each piece properly, all the while you enjoy the show you are watching.

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