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Healing From the Core: Lower Back Pain


Everyone deals with lower back pain from those who participate in exercising to those who sit in the most uncomfortable chairs at work. This lower back pain is brought on by the stress that is put on it from what you were previously doing, i.e. running, weightlifting, or just sitting in a desk chair. When lower back pain happens, all of the muscles and the spine tense up and create a knot-like feeling, while having the pressure sensation of something heavy on your lower back. Thankfully there are ways to help get rid of this lower back pain, these are in no particular order.

Yoga – Yoga is one of the most amazing forms of therapy a person can use to help heal their body. The numerous amounts of poses helps a person work all angles of the lower back. The child’s pose and The Lord of the Half Fishes are the number one poses to use to help heal your lower back effectively and without enduring any pain.

Legs up the wall – Although it can be used as a cool down for yoga, putting your legs straight up the wall with a mat underneath your lower back as you lie on the floor is highly beneficial. Relieving the stress for your lower back, your entire body will feel better by the time you have risen up. Do this for roughly three to five minutes.

Chiropractor –  For this please see a professional and check their credentials. Seeing a chiropractor is what you might need, they can help align your spine and check to see what else could be going on.

Deep tissue – A deep tissue massage works wonders and getting one at least twice a month will help your lower back. Please see a professional when it comes to massage therapy, your friend might be a great amateur masseuse, but they could ultimately hurt you without realizing it.

Pilates – As a certified Pilates Instructor, I recommend this just as I recommend the others. Pilates is a great form of exercise for the body, and it is a great way for you to heal your body all over. There are several exercises that help strengthen your back and relieve the stress away from your body, attending some classes in a group setting or even private setting will help you ultimately get rid of the lower back pain, all the while strengthening your back.

There are many different ways out there to help heal your lower back pain, and that is the ultimate goal really, to heal your back and get rid of the unwanted stress and pain that is causing you aches and grief’s. Talk to your primary physician about what you can handle when it comes to exercising and stretching, that way they can also help you make the ultimate decision and also determine how bad it may be.

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