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Book Club: February


The novel that has been chosen for the book club is the elegantly written, The Girl Who Wrote in Silk, by Kelli Estes. This story has everything a reader would want in a novel; mystery, romance, history, and tragedy. This novel follows a young lady named Inara, who has traveled to her now deceased aunt’s island estate. While she roams about the estate, she finds herself in a part of the house that contains a hidden piece of fabric that is elegantly stitched together and has intricate details all over it. As Inara begins to take apart the hidden secrets it holds, Inara finds herself in connection with a young girl named Mei Lein, who had been driven away from her home a century before. Suddenly, Inara realizes that Mei has written stories inside the silk, and Inara has come face to face with a tragic truth, this truth shakes everyone in Inara’s family, including herself.

This novel is mesmerizing and captivating on every level, you can truly see through Inara’s eyes as you read the story. Your mind will want to know every answer to every question that will surround your head as you read, and you will keep reading it until you get all of your answers. Kelli Estes is a gifted author and deserves a standing ovation for this novel, for it is written wonderfully and the characters seem to come alive.

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