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Wanderlust Box (Poem)

A soul wrapped in a countryside box,
Placed with a bow made of a map on top.
Open the box and you shall see,
The bits and pieces that have scattered about,
Leaving the soul wandering for the rest of its eternity.

Poke some holes into the box,
Let it breathe,
Send it off,
And let the world shape it into who it’s supposed to be.
That is the only way we will ever know,
Who it will be,
Once they’ve reached the ripe age of ninety.

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A True Beauty (Poem)

He had a certain type of beauty to him,
Not the hollywood glitz and glamour,
But a beauty that came through years of torment that resided inside.
Roughed up,
Spit out,
Thrown out on the sidewalks,
With women and men walking by,
Without giving him a shot.
This society we live in is corrupt,
It tells women to be brainless,
Tells men to achieve a hollywood staus.
Who are we kidding,
No amount of twilight sparkle will ever catch my eye.
Give me a man that will speak his mind,
Express raw emotion,
And for God’s sake,
Make sure he doesn’t follow society’s stupid pride.
Photo Model: Henry Rollins 

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White Lace (Poem)

I am here,
Waiting for you to come back,
Come back from the hallow halls,
Dressed in your three piece suit,
That you left in.

Not prepared,
Completely scared,
You left me at the altar,
Dressed in white lace,
With tears streaming down my face
As I waited for you.

Guess I’ll have to wait for you,
But not tonight,
While I’m dressed in white lace,
Certainly not with makeup smeared across,
Leaving the crowd with stunned faces.

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You Went Along (Poem)


You went along with everyone,
To watch me on the floor,
To watch the glass shatter,
As I bled out the pain through my eyes,
While you began to slowly move towards the door.
You went along with everyone,
To dance the night away,
As you let me drown,
While you got wasted by the old memories,
As you danced till dawn.
You went along with everyone,
Sang the same damn song,
Mimicking them as you slowly disolved,
You went along.

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Book Club: March


Digging into the archives of all of the novels that have circulated around the globe, I had come across a novel that was published in 1987 by an author named Thomas Gallagher. I had read some of his work before, and was thoroughly impressed with his writing style and also with the way he told his stories. For they truly did capture me, and in a way, forced me to finish the novel right then and there; which there are no complaints coming from me.

Paddy’s Lament was just like every other book by Thomas Gallagher, a well-written, incredibly detailed, historic, and overall the type of story to draw one in, so that they could witness first hand and through the eyes of the character. The story takes place in the 1800’s in Ireland, during the time where all of the citizens were peasants and every one of them relied on one source of food to keep them alive into the next day, the potato. However in 1846, a disease had run rampant across Ireland, taking their only source of food and turned it inedible. Everyone was trying to figure out what they were going to do, what they were going to do for their families, and what else would they be able to eat without falling ill.

Without a doubt, you will enjoy this novel. After reading it, it will make you want to buy all of Mr. Gallagher’s novels.