Sundress (Poem)

In the sunlight you dance,
with your sundress flowing with you,
deflecting the rays from hitting my face.

Sitting here I can soak this all up,
the scent of fresh grass swirls around,
the sun dances upon our skin,
with your sundress pressed up against you,
enjoying the beauty around us.
Your eyes are closed,
arms wide open as you dance,
twirling in the spring afternoon,
while you wear your favorite dress.

My sweet love,
I love it when you are happy,
it is when you wear that dress,
and the sun soaks deep into your skin.

Everytime (Poem)

Everytime I hear your name
my face gets flushed,
heart beats faster,
and hands begins to get sweaty.
One of these days
you will read one of these poems,
and see how much you mean to me.

Everytime we talk I can’t help but stay quiet,
so I can just listen your voice,
and dive deeper in love,
as I see the twinkle in your eyes
while you talk about the things you enjoy.

‘Cause I’m fallin’,
this happens everytime I’m around you,
I keep on fallin’,
fallin’ in love.

The Table (Poem)

Sitting here in the café where we first met
brings back so many memories
that shake the table,
making its presence known,
as I have a meltdown.

This makes me wonder,
what it must feel like for you,
do you see my silhouette in the window,
or do you smell my fragrance in the wind?
I try to turn the corner
when a bitter memory resurfaces,
as I treat it as if it were a monster.

Sitting here at this table,
the shaking quickly fades away,
leaving me staring at the empty space
in front of me.

I Love You So (Poem)

From the moment I saw you,
the writing on the wall became so clear,
showing me that you were the one,
making my heart wished you were near.
The feeling of my heart dropping
made me realize what you had done,
you took my heart, ran off,
and won.
You won my heart,
Showes me true love,
And said, “I love you so”,
taking my breath.

Before you, my guard was always up,
never granting access,
afraid of falling,
till you came along.
Once you came in my life,
I knew immediately
that I love you so.

Seeking Answers in Mother Nature

For the past month, I haven’t really written a lot of posts for this site, nor have I really posted anything on my social media accounts, due to the fact that I have been in the process adjusting to my new job, new town, and new state. On top of that, I needed the time to take care of myself, to focus on my health and mentality, and to dive into my art and dreams. 

We’ve all been there, a new place where things seem foreign, a place of isolation even if we know a few people there, a time where we feel a little bit lost and are looking for the right path for us to take, hoping that we can find some sort of guidance to help us out. That’s where I’ve been for the past month. Don’t get me wrong, I love Alaska, it’s truly magnificent and outrageously beautiful. But there has been a few moments of, “is this truly where I’m supposed to be right now?” And so this past month, I had been going out into nature, talking to Mother Earth and seeking answers to my questions, and she answered. 

Being linked to Mother Earth, Father Sky, and my ancestors that roamed around the forests, hills, and mountains, it keeps me grounded, and gives me the ability to receive answers in my dreams. Sometimes they don’t make sense when I’m having the dream, but once they become reality, then I completely understand what they were trying to tell me. And that was what I was dealing with, I had received the answers that I was looking for. 

Not only that, I have been focus on my health and well being, by eating a little differently, going out into nature more since I live just half a mile from a trail that leads up into the mountains. There I can breathe, just stand in silence, and just be happy and healthy once more. 

Sometimes, we just need to step away from our electronic devices, social media accounts, and websites to heal ourselves before we can communicate with others and help others.

Wall of Pillows (Poem)

The light of the candle flickers away,
leaving us in the darkness,
with a wall of pillows separating us in bed.

Silence fills the room,
just our breathing can be heard,
while the both of us staring at the ceiling through the darkness,
not wanting to talk,
for it would make it worse.

You turn on your side to face me,
I can’t see you,
but can feel your eyes on me,
giving off a vibe of uncertainty.
Turning on my side,
staring at you in the darkness,
I listen to you breathing,
hoping that both of our anger fades away,
along with this wall of pillows.

Linger (Poem)

The morning came,
as it began to rain,
as the house descended into the fog,
as I hid in pain,
denying you the chance to see me this way.

The thought of you and I
keeps running through my mind,
lingering like a ghost in the attic,
torturing me to cave in to the thoughts of you at night.

As it continued to rain,
the cold air seeped through the cracks,
taking the memories that danced away,
leaving me to cope with the lingering pain.