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Book Club: September

Welcome to the fall of 2017 everyone! For the month of September, since it is the beginning of fall, and Halloween is next month, I chose a book that is a fantastic book to curl up with on a cool September day, it is Nora Roberts’ book Dark Witch.

Dark Witch follows a young woman named Iona Sheehan who looks for acceptance, love, and devotion; this stems from having parents who are portrayed as being indifferent. Even though she has not been able to find that from her parents, her maternal grandmother showed her where she can find the acceptance, devotion, and love she seeks in nature and even in old legends that reside in her ancestor’s homeland, Ireland. Iona sets off to Ireland, and there she meets her cousins Branna and Connor, who take her into their home and into their lives. Iona ends up landing a job at a local stable, where she ends up meeting the owner, a man by the name of Boyle McGrath. He is everything that makes her weak in the knees, a cowboy, pirate, and wild tribal horseman.
Iona realizes that here in Ireland she can make a life for herself, however, an ancient evil sets upon Iona’s family tree, descending upon her and her cousins. Setting in motion, Iona and her family must fight to defeat the evil.

This book is truly amazing, and it certainly is a great book to curl up with while you are enjoying your hot drink and taking in the Autumn breeze that pelts against your house.

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A Garden in the Underworld (Poem)


For thousands of years I have lived here with my husband,
For a thousand more we shall live here still.
He is the ruler of the dead,
And I am the ruler of the flowers in the hills.
Though I have not walked the hills for thousands of years,
I roam these dark garden stonewalls,
waiting and hoping for some sort of light to fall.

Alas, no light shall creep through to this dark world,
No light shall ever make my flowers grow.
Instead of light, magic makes them grow,
They grow to the end of the river of styx,
they grow around each and every river bend.
This garden of mine is divine,
This garden basks in the darkness of the underworld,
and will do so till the end of time.

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The Love from Hades (Poem)


The moment I met you,
was the moment that the flowers inside of my heart began to bloom.
The moment I met you,
was the moment that I knew I wanted to be your bridegroom.

For thousands of years I have stayed down here,
falling for you as you roamed the hills that you take care of,
oblivious to the love I have for you.
You are the bones to my spine,
You are the blood to my heart,
Everything hurts knowing that we are currently apart.
All that I can hope is that one day you will look in my eyes,
and know that you and I were always meant to be.
I will stay here and wait for you,
wait for you to love me just as I do you.

**Artwork by  Rebekah Holguin

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Mabon: A Time For Reflection


It is now officially Mabon (Autumn Equinox), and during this time of year when the hot summer weather begins to get cooler and the rain starts falling more often, it is known as the reflection time. During the time of reflection, one must take time for themselves and start focusing on their inner selves and heal. This is also the time of year to go through all of your possessions and see what will be kept and what will be donated or thrown away.

The time of reflection of ones inner self can be an unusual journey. This is due to the fact that the person will finally see what it is that they are wanting and what they are needing to heal themselves, to heal their environment, and to push forward into Yule. There are different ways to do this. One of the ways is to journal. Journaling is highly effective and helps all of those who wish to see what it is that lies in the mind, in the soul and in the heart. Not only that, journaling also helps the person cope with what is rushing throughout their life. Journaling daily is the most effective, you can write in the morning when you wake up or before you head off to bed for the night. When you do this, it becomes like a daily routine. No it’s not a chore, it is a therapeutic way of healing yourself and finding yourself once more.

Another way to reflect on ones self is do things that gives you alone time from others and just be alone with your thoughts. Reading is one of the many ways, but for the most part that would more likely distract you and take you into a world where you forget about yourself and become enveloped into one of the characters. Instead, go outdoors and go do something fun and relaxing. Apple picking or pumpkin picking are two of the things that you can do. You can spend time in an apple orchard picking the apples and reflecting in your mind as you do so. No one will be around you, so you can talk out loud to yourself and sort things out. I do this constantly. If I am anywhere near an apple orchard, I will take a basket with me and go to the orchard and pick for hours, all the while reflecting on my thoughts and emotions. Wandering in the forest or mountains will give you all the alone time that you need in the world to reflect and just let you be you.

When we are around others we tend to be engrossed into the conversations and numb ourselves from healing ourselves and focusing on the needs of our mind, body, and soul. This is the time of the year where we need to focus on what needs to be healed and to find ourselves once more, for we lose ourselves throughout the course of the year leading up to this season. For this year, take time to reflect on yourself both on the inside and out. Not only that, take the time to finally heal those wounds that have been trying to open up again.