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Blooming Into Our True Characters


From the day we were born we were beginning our journey into our lives on this planet we call home, and throughout each phase of our journey we would hit some bumps in the road, at times they would have us take a detour for a brief period of time, or they would just block us until the road was prepared. These bumps in our journey prepares us and molds us into the characters that we are meant to be, into the people whom we are to become as we get older.

As children we are vulnerable and susceptible to becoming anyone’s clay to be shaped into whomever someone choses, yet as we get into our rebellious teen years (yes, everyone was rebellious to a point) we try to break free from that vulnerable clay and start to mold our own selves. Bit by bit we end up molding ourselves, with the helps of our influences and the Universe, into the people who we are meant to be, into the characters that we are meant to play on this grand stage we call life. Sometimes while we are attempting to mold ourselves we get caught up in the grander scheme of things, and try to mold ourselves into what the media and society tells us to look like, and for awhile we will attempt to do such a thing, then when wake up we realize that it was the stupidest thing to do. So we take ourselves out of the equation and begin to mold ourselves once more, successfully we become the masterpiece that we were meant to be.

However we are not complete, we take ourselves throw the mold into the burner and watch it immortalize us into imperfect perfect molds that we are proud of, and it is truly then when we realize that we have become the character that we were meant to play, the clay mold that took so long to become the object of attention has suddenly become human.

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Scent of Spring (Poem)

As I sit here
With the french doors open wide,
The see-through curtains try to escape,
As the wind try to whisk them away.

The smell of fresh cut flowers flow through,
At the same time,
The scent of the apple orchards fill the air.
The scents intertwined,
While I sit here
And lose track of time,
Giving this glorious morning
A brand new definition of true beauty.

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The Nomad (Poem)


The nomadic soul that lies between the mountains and the sea,
The nomadic soul that dreams of living a bit differently.
A little off the grid,
far away from civilization,
but close enough,
to embrace the beauty of each citizen.
The nomad goes about their day,
wading back and forth,
letting the cold north winds pick them up,
and guide them out further more.
A drum plays inside their soul,
While the dreams of their hearts and minds
shake them to the core.

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The War on Our Bodies


About seven years ago, I sat myself on my bed and decided that I was going to have a conversation with myself about myself, to finally heal. I grabbed my journal, a pen, and turned on some music. No one was home at the time, so this was a great time for me to do this. As soon as the pen touched the paper, a letter to myself began to take form. There were moments where I cried and there were moments where I laughed out loud. I just kept writing, it didn’t matter how long this entry was, and it didn’t matter how long it was taking, it had become highly therapeutic for me. I was finally having that conversation that I truly needed, the one that I had put off for years due to other commitments, but I had realized that this was something that needed to be done. This is was the conversation that I need to have to heal my mind, body, and soul.

Why? That was one of the questions that I had asked myself, why was I so hard on myself, and on my appearance. Why was I constantly picked on growing up for looking different from others? I was puzzled for awhile after I had asked myself this question. Then I realized, it was because of society and the media. They had been trying to brainwash me into thinking that since I didn’t look like a Victoria Angel’s model, that there was something terribly wrong with me. They had been trying to make me think that every inch of my skin was deformed. Once I had realized this, that was when I knew that the media and society was truly messed up. Placing the pen down and looking at the journal, I had realized a lot of things, one that everyone on this planet is so impressionable, regardless of age or gender. Another one was that everyone on this planet is unique and different, no two people are going to look alike, not even twins (granted that I already knew this, it had just appeared to me on another level). After that, I had decided to wage what you would call a war on the media and at society for brainwashing everyone into believing that they need to look a certain way to feel attractive. Not only that, I had decided that I wanted help others build better and healthier relationships with their bodies and finally feel comfortable with themselves and feel attractive. That was when I had created a ritual type of list for everyone to participate in, and today, I will share with you that list (in no particular order):

Stand in front of the mirror – After getting out of the shower, stand in front of the mirror, butt naked. While you stand there, I want you to look at every inch of your body and notice everything. After that, I want you to list 5 things that you love about yourself. These can be qualities that you already have, personality traits, physical attributes that you have that you think look amazing. Do this every day, and by the time it is the end of the year, your relationship with your body has become healthier.

Stretch to the sky – I am a certified Pilates Instructor and enjoy both yoga and Pilates, they help the body stretch and let the muscles relax after a long day at work. Participating in yoga or Pilates will help you connect with your body on a deeper level. You will see that you and your body are no longer at war with each other anymore.

Embrace your flaws – Everyone has flaws, and I mean everyone. Even the models that walk the runway to the prince’s and princesses of the world have flaws. Everyone has stretch marks and cellulite, that is what happens when you go through puberty, when you are pregnant, when you go through life in general; it is natural and nothing to freak out about.

Shut out the media/society- Let’s be honest, the media doesn’t know anything, their metaphorical head is shoved so far up their metaphorical rear end, that they cannot see that they are doing damage to each person in this society that we live in. They do not realize that they are part of the source of the problem that is consuming each person when it comes to body shaming someone. Turn away from the side of the world, and come over to the side of the world where you are accepted, where your body is accepted the way it is, and where you will not be judged. That is where you belong.

Accept your body the way it is – Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way, and that means you too. In the end, you don’t need to be a certain way or look a certain way to be yourself.

Remember that the scale is inaccurate – That scale that you have in your bathroom, it is completely inaccurate. It does not take into consideration your organs, your time of the month (ladies), bone density. Also, there is one thing that the scale cannot tell you…. your worth. You are worth more than a number on a scale and some waist measurement that anyone gives you. You are worth more than all of that. In fact, your worth is so priceless that it would be hard to buy it from you. Remember that.

For all of those who want a bikini body – For all of you who wish to have the “perfect bikini body”, there is only one thing that I need to say to you. Put on that bikini and rock it.

Don’t listen to the body shamers – No matter how far we get in this life, with making an impact on stopping body shaming, there will always be those who feel the need to body shame others just because they are insecure with themselves and feel like they are justified with being able to make fun of others. Don’t listen to them and don’t let their rude comments on any of your social media accounts or in person destroy your beautiful aura. They are not worth your time. I would like to bring this up in this section, if you are going to take down a body shamer, do not body shame them – you will lower yourself to their level, and that’s not what you want to do. Keep this in mind, you are the only that decides your worth; not the scale in your bathroom, and certainly no body shamer that roams about in cyberspace.

Every body is beautiful – No matter what, there is always going to be those people who have decided to say that “bones are for dogs, meat is for men” or “people don’t like fat cows”. And honestly whenever I read something like that, I throw up in my mouth. There is no one body type that is more beautiful than the other. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, is beautiful.

Never be ashamed of your body, for your body is beautiful. There is nothing wrong with it, and don’t let anyone ever try to tear down your worth or strip you of your beauty that glows from the inside to  the outside.

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Just Be You



In this day and age everyone is trying so hard to fit and try to be just like everyone else. What they do not realize is that by doing this, they are hiding the real them away in the basement of their minds and hearts. At some point, everyone wants to fit in so badly with society, to be accepted, and to be loved that they will do just about anything and say anything. Fitting in should not be a priority for anyone to be honest, instead standing out in the crowd is much better and healthier too.

Look at it this way, if you were trying to fit into the mold that society has created, then you become just like everyone else…a sheep. Do you want to be a sheep? Do you want to spend the rest of your life following the rest of the world, and not be your true self? Do you want to have someone control the way you think, you talk, the way you dress, and act? No? Then stop trying to fit into society and follow your mind and your heart.

Following your heart and mind ultimately leads you to happiness. Yes, you will hit a few bumps along the way, but you are supposed to. The path that you are supposed to be following (that is designed for you, and only you) is to lead you to your own enlightenment, your own happiness, and to your own growth. Trying to be someone that you are not, will steer you completely off your path and that will destroy you. Not all at once, but slowly.

Society has this messed up so-called vision of what everyone needs to look like, act like, think like, and be into, in order to be “hip and cool”. Trust me, being either hip or cool is not the greatest thing in the world, nor should it be a top priority in life. Follow your own path, reach your enlightenment and your milestones, find your own personal legend, and follow your passions and dreams…. just be you and no one else.

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Love Your Body


By grade 7, most young boys and girls have found cosmopolitan magazines, maxim, playboy, or any other magazine that you can think of that has models spread out everywhere and showcasing their bodies to the world. By grade 10, more than 40% of the student body has begun a diet. Whether it be some fad diet like Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Atkins, or the “only an apple and some crackers” diet. Teenage girls try to look a Victoria’s Secret model and the teenage boys try to beef up and try to look like a Zac Efron or like Marky Mark (Mark Wahlberg for those who didn’t grow up in the 90’s). Why? The reason is due to the fact that society is telling them that in order to have the “perfect” body, they need to look like someone that is on steroids, I am not saying that either Mark or Zac take steroids, I am just pointing out that is what they look like.

Right now, there is some teenage sixteen year old girl in the bathroom at her school puking up her breakfast just because she wants to look like some model who struts on the runway. And right now, I guarantee you that there is some boy who is lacing his protein shakes with steroids to pump up his muscles just so he can look like his idol. That isn’t healthy. Far from it. In fact, what these teenagers are doing is destroying  their bodies. And they don’t realize it. Instead, all they are worried about is trying to fit into societies views of what they should look like. They do not realize that they are already handsome and beautiful. They do not need to lose the weight nor do they need to pump up the muscles. Instead what they need to do is to develop a healthy body relationship.

When I was in my freshman year of high school, I ate the food around my family and then when I was away from them, I threw it up. Why? Because I was going through the same thing that these young teenagers are going through. I wanted to look like some model and be beautiful. At the time, I didn’t realize that I was already pretty. I was just so consumed with thinking I was fat and ugly, that I didn’t realize that I had a lot more to offer. One day at school, I didn’t eat lunch and all I did was just sit in front of my locker just reading a book until a girl who was year older than me came up to me and told me that I was going to start eating right again because she didn’t want to lose me. I am grateful to her, and to this day, I am still friends with her on Facebook and I don’t know what I would do without her. I had a good support system and I was shown that I didn’t need to feel bad about my body and I definitely shouldn’t have compared my body to another persons body. Because everyone’s body is completely different from one another. I have an amazing friend who is considered to be one of my sisters and she is naturally skinny, it is in her genetics. And she is healthy as can be. In fact, she had given birth to two beautiful girls and they are healthy as well. Her body is gorgeous, but do you know what is even more gorgeous about her… her personality and her character. She is one of the most beautiful people I know on the inside and out, and she doesn’t care what others think of her body. And trust me when I say this, she has been the subject to much ridicule from others just because she is naturally skinny, and honestly what they are doing is horrible. In my personal opinion, they need to shut up, sit down and start acting like adults. But that is just my opinion after all. I have another friend who is a little bit shorter than me and she is curvy. But do you know what….she rocks those curves and she embraces them. With that body of hers she had brought into this world three beautiful boys who I call my nephews. There have been people who ridicule her body and honestly they can take those hurtful words and shove them up their a**es.

Many of you know that I am very adamant about having a healthy body image. I am all about eating right and exercising, but there is one more thing that I am extremely adamant about, and that is being happy in the body that you are in. You may be short and skinny or you might tall and curvy, it doesn’t matter, as long as you are truly content in the body that you are in that is all that matters. Yes, eating good food is great for body, yes getting the exercise that your body needs helps you stay healthy; but the most important thing that helps you throughout life is to have a happy outlook on your body, embrace the flaws that make you unique and take pride in the fact that no one on this planet has that amazing body that you already have.


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Beauty Has No Size


If you look through my posts on this site you will see a pattern form, you will see the posts that I provide for those who wish to get healthier by the holistic route, my poems that I showcase, ways to live simple, ways to stay healthy, and the most important one of them all the posts about body image. Body image is a big thing for me. In fact, I am one of the writers who will talk about how to love yourself, love your body, and to love others. Time and time again I write about how to feel more comfortable in the skin that you are residing in. The advice I give usually goes like this: stand in front of the mirror, butt naked, look at your body and see what is there. There is no “ugliness”. There is nothing wrong with you.

Each time I give this advice, I receive email from both men and women who are self conscious about their bodies. I received an email from a man who happened to be on the heavier side naturally. Good form, good posture, nice broad shoulders and arms. He is extremely insecure about his torso and stomach. He is heavier in that region and tries to eat healthy and workouts (powerlifts amongst other things). He wishes that he had a six pack. Now as a wellness coach, I could easily work with him in the area of nutrition and fitness, but what he needs now more than anything is to realize that he is already handsome. He is already a good looking man with a lot of potential, a good caring heart, an adventurous life, people who care about him and love him dearly. Personally, I have seen a picture of what this man looks like, and no I will not be posting it on here (confidential), and in my honest opinion, I find him extremely attractive. I don’t care about his stomach that seems to be a “little too big” according to him. I see his infectious smile, compassionate soul and his drive for life. That is what I see. For me, as a woman, he is perfect. Well, perfectly imperfect, because no one is truly perfect, there is no such  thing.

Another email I received was from a young lady, she is recovering anorexic, and she is starting to get better. She was dropped down to a whopping 90 lbs for her 5’5 frame. The pressure of society and the media had taken its toll on her and she started to lose weight so fast, that she ended up in the hospital. That is what the media and the pressure of society does to a person, they tear you down. Making you feel inferior and making you lose control of your body. I am currently working with this young girl and helping her establish a healthier relationship with her body and getting to her ideal weight. Thankfully, she is doing much better.

One of  my sisters, I will not name which sister it is but she is naturally skinny has been her entire life. And our entire life, she was picked on about her body, picked on because of size. People would call her anorexic, and I know for a fact that she isn’t . She is just genetically built like that, she cannot help it. Because of beasts like those who have decided to pick on her, she has developed a body image problem. People are practically skinny shaming her just because she is naturally built like that. She is one of the healthiest people I know, and she delivered two beautiful girls who are my nieces.

Lastly, there is a coworker of mine who I am working with, because she is wanting to tighten up her stomach. She is not proud of her stretch marks, but she should be. Because she delivered beautiful children and those stretch marks are documented on her body to show her that she has brought in children to this amazing world of ours. The other day, when I was working with her during our lunch break, I was looking over the exercises that I had given her and noticed a note that her husband had left for her on the exercise papers, “You are beautiful just the way you, I love you for you.” It made her cry and I had to tell her just like I tell everyone else when I work with them. You need to be happy with your body, you may not like one thing about yourself, but everyone is that way. If you are unhappy with something about yourself and you wish to change it, the first thing to do is to learn how to love yourself first.

I give all of my patients a challenge to do. Every day, every morning, you must stand in front of the mirror butt naked and look at your body. You may try to look away, but don’t. Look at every curve, every scar, every dimple that is placed on your body. Notice it, embrace it. And every morning you do this, you must look at yourself and say one thing about your body and about your personality/characteristic that you love about yourself. By the end of the year, you will have a healthier relationship with your body.

This whole entire world seems to think that everyone should try to fit into some mold. That you have to be this or that in order to be found attractive. Quite honestly I find that ridiculous and preposterous. Beauty has no size. Beauty is not limited to just one type of shape or size. Beauty is both skinny, heavier, or in between. Beauty is inside everyone. Beauty lies inside the hearts, souls and minds of all humans. Beauty is more than just the skin that covers our muscles, bones, blood, and organs. Beauty is everything about a person. The whole package, as they call it. That is what beauty is.