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Normal (Poem)


I broke all of the rules
got in a car and drove far away
pressed my foot down harder to pick up the pace,
and began to toss my items into the wind
as I said my piece.

I feel so free
not chained by normalcy,
and now I can throw this away,
letting myself continue this road to my dreams.
So, please just let me go,
just let me go on with my own normal life.

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The Search (Poem)


The search of the place we call home is never ending,
The search of the love we crave is leading us on a roller coaster ride,
leaving us nauseous and tired.
The search to find the arms of a lover can be a wild one,
Where we wake up the next morning,
to find ourselves twisted in the sheets with the Barcelona sun shining on us.
The search to find ourselves can be exhilarating,
leaving us breathless,
leaving us wanting more.


**Photo credit: Antonio Mora

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Magic Between the Black and White Lines


The ability to escape reality for just a few moments is very much real, for that is when an individual has their nose in a book and their mind is running rampant with the images the words portray to them. Nothing is more intoxicating than the words that lie behind the cover page, they are stories that all of us can relate to some extent at some point in our lives. And these stories let us escape far away from the cruel place we call reality.

Stories have been around for thousands and thousands of years, some are passed down through different families, while others are made up by an author and spread across the world, then it is told by others. And each story shapes us as individuals, making us grow in a sense of imagination and reality, a combination that carries us throughout life. Most people do not realize how powerful a book can be, they do not realize how the books help our imagination grow more and more, making us have a huge inner world that we escape to.

Ever since I was a child, I would always carry a book with me wherever I went, and would constantly be reading something new. This carried on into my high school years, college years, and now in my mid -20’s I still carry books with me wherever I go so I can have something to read. In fact, in my backpack right now, I have four different books, one that I am currently reading and the others that I will be reading right after it. Books are one of the most powerful things in this world, for the hold magic between each black and white line that runs through the pages. The magic of another world, the magic of being able to be a character from a novel for a short period of time. And currently I am the charater, Fereiba (you will learn about her next Sunday for bookclub). I get to be her in each chapter, and see what she is seeing through her eyes as I read each word, sentence, chapter. That is the magic that most people do not realize.

There is true magic in between those black and white lines that roam the pages of a novel, pick up a novel that you find fascinating and slip into the world.


Photo Credit: Ferdinando Scianna, 1997

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At Home (Poem)


Beanie hat on her head,
Covered all over in plaid.
She truly belongs to the wilderness,
Where she smiles the most.

Her eyes light up when the snow falls,
She smiles when the flowers begin to grow,
But she is most at home
When autumn finally begins.

* Photo credit: Pinterest – Nuggwifee

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Book Club: September


Twenty five years ago, Diana Gabaldon released the famous novel Outlander in the United Kingdom for the world to read. This novel set in motion that is now a successful book series and a wonderful television series. The first time I read this novel, it wasn’t until I was in high school because twenty five years ago I was just being born.

Outlander is about a young lady named Claire from the 1940’s (WWII) who is working as a British Army nurse. She is married to a history professor named Frank Randall and they live a great life for the most part. The two of them decided to go on another second honeymoon up in Scotland so Frank can gather more information about his family’s history. While Frank is digging around for information, Claire goes plant picking around the hill of Craigh na Dun. While there, she comes into contact with the standing stones on top of the hill. She gets dizzy and faints, then she is awaken by the ancestor of her husband, Captain Jack Randall. Captain Jack attempts to take Claire back with him after he has decided that she is a threat. Before he could take her back with him, he is knocked unconscious by a Scotsman. The scots have declared that she is Sassenach, an outlander that is unfamiliar with the Scottish Highland culture. She heals a Scottish lad name Jamie Fraser by fixing his arm, and then ends up marrying him. The adventures they have throughout the book will keep you hooked.

This novel is filled with romance, history (takes place during the Jacobite uprising), adventure; it’s no wonder why thousands of men and women have been drawn to this novel and the rest of the series. Although it has been turned into a television series, and I must say that it is fantastic, reading the book will make it even more fun because it will seem like you are able to see everything through all of the characters eyes.

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Art in the Dark

(To the End – Me)

The way I see it, is that the heart, the soul and the mind constantly fight each other. This in turn makes everything more difficult. The brain wishes to overrun everything, though when this happens a war begins. When the heart wishes to run the entire system, then heartbreaks occur more than average. When the soul wishes to be the front force and be the leader and forget everything else, then the human being is confused and has no clue as to what is occurring. Sometimes, when all of this happens, it means there are a lot of wars happening inside the person. These wars bring about pain, they bring about sorrow and they bring about the misery inside. When this happens, depression sets in. Depression has never been a friend to anyone, even to me. Depression is one of the mental illnesses that is not to be tossed aside due to the fact that depression can easily destroy a person in a instant.
When the depression has set in, there is a feeling of emptiness that surrounds the person, internally and externally. Then there is a motion of feeling heavy. This heaviness sits on the chest, making you feel like you are caring the weight of the world on your chest. Your eyes begin to get heavy, you want to fight it but no matter what your eyelids will close and all you will see is darkness. The darkness takes over and everything will become surreal. So surreal to the point that you think that you are high on acid or you are drunk from hard liquor. All the pain you feel externally, invades you internally and then you have been taken over by the depression.
Pain is inevitable, everyone feels it from time to time. Especially when you lose a loved one, when your heart breaks, or when you break a bone. But the pain that comes along with depression is a different type of pain. I’m not saying that is trumps over all of the other pain, but the pain that comes along with depression makes you feel worthless, makes you feel like you are unable to do something. But inside that pain, there is a light. That light helps you crawl through the pain in the dark deprecating world that depression swallows you in. The light helps a person create art in a whole new way, in ways that most would never have thought of.
Depression has been an ally and an enemy my entire life. Medication that the physicians try to prescribe me do not work, on top of that, they make it worse. Therapy is not a source that I enjoy using because I feel like I am a burden and feel like I am wasting the therapists time by divulging my pain, my fears, and anger upon them. Instead I run to art. Writing and abstract-minimalism painting art are my ways to take aggression and pain out on. Most of my paintings and also my poems hold how I feel inside, they are the places where I can finally let myself go and try to heal myself for the most part. If you do suffer from depression just as I do, then go see your physician, therapist or someone who can help you. Medication may not be for you, but in the end, there are other ways to help you through the pain, it might even be through art.

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On the Road Again


       “Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in an office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.” These words were uttered from the mouth of an artist, a poet, an author and a traveler. These words were uttered from the mouth of Jack Kerouac. Many know him or at least know of him, and the main things that they know about Mr. Kerouac is the fact that he was an alcoholic, traveled and told others what he believed. But he was much more than that. He was the artist that got lost at one point or another, he was the artist that resorted to alcohol and died at a young age, he was the artist that captured the hearts and minds of those who share like minded views and on top of that with those who were creative. Jack Kerouac was the man who started the whole Beatnik scene, you know that group of people who are portrayed in movies as wearing all black outfits, smoking, at poetry slams sharing their angst against the world. He was also the man who got people to finally stand up for what they believed in, told others that it was better to follow their passions while living in this insane world.

At the very beginning of this article it started with a quote by Jack Kerouac, and if you think about it what he said was true. You will never remember all the days that you spent at your desk filing things back into where they belonged, you will never remember the excel spreadsheets that graced your desktop, and you certainly never will remember the chores you had done on a specific date of a specific month during a specific year. However, you will remember the roads that you traveled to get from Los Angeles to Alaska, or that one trip that you took where you lived out of your van and you camped out in the middle of nowhere, or the trip where you went to the beach for the very first time in your life. Those are the memories that you will be holding onto. Those are the memories that will forever live on in your mind when you have reached the golden age of 90 years old. Those are the memories that you need to be making right now.

Spontaneous road trips, hiking in the mountains, rafting down the rumbling river, or running with the wild horses are more important than sitting at your desk at your 9 to 5 job. Writing a novel, photographing the aura borealis, learning to cook from the locals in a new country is not runner up to answering phone calls at a switchboard, no, it is number one. Instead of just daydreaming about doing something, no matter what it is, you need to get out there and do it. Go to that country that you’ve always wanted to go to, go on a spontaneous road trip over the weekend and just head to a new state that you’ve never even been to, cross of some things from your bucket list that you have hidden away in the back of your desk or in a shoebox in your closet. Stop saying “I wish” and “One day”, no, go do it now. Keep having those dreams, keep adding new places to go or new things to do on that list of yours and once you’ve done it then cross it off and write something new again. Life is about experiencing new things, it is about meeting new people, going to new places, and gaining experiences and memories along the way. Life is not about just working a job just to pay bills, it is more than that, and you need to realize it.