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A Garden in the Underworld (Poem)


For thousands of years I have lived here with my husband,
For a thousand more we shall live here still.
He is the ruler of the dead,
And I am the ruler of the flowers in the hills.
Though I have not walked the hills for thousands of years,
I roam these dark garden stonewalls,
waiting and hoping for some sort of light to fall.

Alas, no light shall creep through to this dark world,
No light shall ever make my flowers grow.
Instead of light, magic makes them grow,
They grow to the end of the river of styx,
they grow around each and every river bend.
This garden of mine is divine,
This garden basks in the darkness of the underworld,
and will do so till the end of time.

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An Herbalist Advice: Energy Tea


Everyone around the world has dealt with fatigue from time to time, it is inevitable. Sometimes we deal with fatigue when we first wake up in the morning, in the afternoon at lunch time while we are at work, and sometimes in the evening when we are needing some energy to finish projects.

Luckily the ancient Chinese practitioners had created an energy tea that is made out of mushrooms. Now the mushrooms that are used in this are reishi mushrooms, these are relatively easy to get a hold of. If by some chance you cannot find them, most mushrooms will do.

You will need:

1/3 ounce chopped or powdered reishi mushroom
3 cups water

Combine the water and mushroom in a pot with a lid. Bring to a boil. Reduce the heat, cover and simmer the mushrooms for thirty minutes. Strain. Drink divided doses throughout the day; refrigerate for up to three days.

This tea is delicious, it has an earthy smell to it and taste as well. On top of that, it will give you the energy you need, without you having  to run to the store and grabbing a red bull (which is jam packed with chemicals).

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Stepping Into the Kitchen


Fast foods, boxed dinners, frozen dinners; the list goes on and on of all the types of available meals that are already precooked and ready for us to devour without a second thought. Sadly, these so called meals are not meals at all, they are over processed, contain high preservatives and other chemicals.

What makes this whole situation even worse is that more than 75% of the United States population does not know how to cook a meal from scratch and does not even know how to boil water properly without burning it (I’ve seen people burn water, it’s not pretty). A few months ago, a guy tried to hit on me at the local grocery store while he was holding a frozen tray dinner. My first question to him was, “Can you cook at all?” and his reply was, “Only frozen tray dinners.” This man was 32 years old and didn’t know how to cook at all. This was revolting to me. I’ve also met some 20-something year olds who didn’t even know how to make a simple macaroni and cheese dish. This got me thinking about how bad our society has gotten. It had got me thinking that it is pretty obvious that everyone that is being thrown out into the world probably never learned how to cook a proper meal, even from scratch.

People from other countries around the world in the Middle East, India, Japan, Australia, Russia, Africa (just to name a few) know how to cook a proper meal without adding horrible additives and without using boxed or frozen products. If everyone else in the world can do it, then why can’t our country as a whole do it as well?

As a kid, I stepped inside the kitchen with my mom and granny at a very young age and learned how to make homemade dishes such as apple pie, chicken fried steak, pasta, and breads. As I got older, I learned from other relatives including my dad, paternal grandma, cousins and even learned some more in home economics classes in middle school. Before I graduated (and before my younger brother graduated), my parents made sure that I knew how to cook a proper meal. They even had me cook a couple of meals for them at different times and they would see if I would do good, which they knew I was already a good cook and baker to begin with, they just wanted to see if I had improved. When I moved out of the house, I had accumulated recipes from my parents and other relatives from all over Europe and the Middle East to take with me so I could make delicious and healthy meals. I can make bread from scratch, ravioli from scratch (including the dough), among many other delicious meals; and get extremely ecstatic when I find a new bread recipe (I love to bake).

Personally, I believe that if you have children who still live with you and have not yet graduated from high school, take them into the kitchen and teach them how to cook. Because it is a very important ability to have. Because I can guarantee you that boxed meals and frozen meals will not be around forever, and fast food places will not be around forever either. Boy or girl, they need to be in the kitchen learning how to cook proper foods, that way they can take care of themselves in the future and if they are to have a family then they will be able take care of them as well. Cooking and baking is a million times better than going to some fast food establishment or even relying on over processed boxed foods that shouldn’t even be on the shelves. Parents, please teach your children how to cook, it will not only give them a very good ability but it will be very beneficial and help save money (fast food isn’t cheap nor is going out in general).

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An Herbalist Advice: Trigonella Foenum-graecum

d17ee2697d5d203254d175424525ab7fOver thousands of people across the United States and other countries has diabetes. Whether it be type I or type II diabetes, someone you know might have it. Type I diabetes occurs in either childhood or young adulthood, this is when the pancreas cannot produce insulin or not nearly enough for the person. Type II diabetes occurs more in adults, but there are several teenagers who do have type II. But for the most part, type II doesn’t occur until mid-forties. Type II occurs due to the fact that there is a defect in the receptors for insulin in the cell walls. This is located in the fat and muscle tissue and the liver. There are several prescriptions that the physician will give you in order to help you maintain your glucose levels and your a1c levels. The most famous one is insulin. Insulin helps with controlling the blood sugar, however there are side effects that occur if the insulin has been overused. One of those things is the increase of cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as increased body fat.

Some people do not wish to be on such medicine, and although you may not want to, it is always best to sit down with your physician and talk about other alternatives. One of the alternatives is the Trigonella foenum-graecum, Fenugreek. Fenugreek is an ancient Greek and Roman herb that was used for those who had diabetes. Now although they did not have a word for diabetes back then, in fact diabetes was not called that until 1889, they did know that when a person had sugar problems, that were to be prescribed this herb. The Fenugreek has been studied and has been show to lower blood glucose and reduce the insulin levels, total cholesterol, and triglycerides while increasing the HDL. The HDL is considered the “good” cholesterol, so it is good to have those in the right range.

The typical dosage for non-insulin dependent diabetes is as little as 5,000 milligrams of the powdered seed per day. The typical dosage for the more severe insulin-dependent diabetic patients is up to 50,000 milligrams (50 grams) twice per day.

Just like anything else, you must take precautions. This herb has one side effect but it isn’t terrible. It may cause flatulence.

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She is the one who nourishes our body,
She is the one who breathes life into our souls.
She is the one who we run away to,
when we wish to be alone.
She is the chirping of the bird,
She is the tune that whistles in the wind.
She is the mother of us all,
She is the protector of us all.
She rages into storms when we dishonor her,
She greets us with love on bright sunny days.
But in the end it is all the same,
She is the one that we come home to when we pass on.
– Me (She Is)

Mother nature, Gaia, Flidais; she goes by these names and more. This earth that we live on here and now, provides us with absolute love and protection, provides us with nourishment and shelter. This is the one place that we are able to only live on at this very moment, yet most of this world does not care. Most of the population does not care if they throw out their wrappers and other trash onto the side of the road. They do not care that they are destroying this beloved earth and the other inhabitants. They do not care that this beloved earth is withering away due to everyone wanting to strip down every tree to build some new pathetic shopping center. They do not care at all. But would they care if they knew all that this planet does for us?

Mother earth, or Gaia as I like to call her, provides us with oxygen from the trees that fill the national parks, forests, mountains. She provides with water from the streams, river beds, lakes and oceans. She provides us with shelter with already nature made areas such as caves, trees that are large enough to house a small family, and inside mountains. She protects us from disasters that come our way. When the oceans go into full force and the plate tectonics shift and collapse creating massive tsunami’s, she has shelter for us high in the trees or even far away where the water cannot reach; sadly sometimes there are those who do not make it. She has provided us with brothers and sisters from different species, man’s best friend for example or even a panda bear who wishes to give us a hug. When we sit on the ground, with the soft dirt underneath us, we can look up into the sky and see father sky and the millions of stars shining so brightly. Shining brightly for Gaia and all of her children. Shining to show their appreciation for what she holds, for what she takes care of. Do you see now? Do you see how much she does so much for us and I can guarantee that you probably didn’t even take any of this into consideration.

The air has become stiff from all of the pollution that has been created by mankind, the birds fly far away from us due to the fact that each major city is destroying not only the sky but the earth along with it, and there are very few trees left in the major cities to help release enough oxygen for all of us. The highways, fields, oceans and other areas of the world are becoming polluted by trash that people throw out of the car as they are moving. They throw their cigarette butts out the window, igniting fires and burning up major areas that need to be protected. Right now, as you are reading this article, our mother earth is in terrible danger from the damage that mankind has been afflicting on her since man decided to take over this planet. She is withering away and there are a lot of people who do not care. They do not care that their beloved home planet is withering away and someday soon she will not be able to take care of us anymore. And when that day comes, everyone will either have forgotten and do not give a rats a**, or they will begin to question how did it happen and they will think that they can revive her when it will actually be too late.
Thankfully, right now at this very moment, it is not too late. We can actually do something to make sure she does not deteriorate. Pick up all trash on the highways, in the streams, in the oceans. Clean out the oil from the ocean, and that is seeping into the lands where the animals roam. Grow more trees, so they can provide oxygen and revive this earth and bring it a new beginning. There is hope for this planet, but in order to make anything happen, we must all work together and make this earth healthier for generations to come. I would want all of my nieces, nephews, and future grandchildren and several generations of grandchildren to be able to live on a healthy planet where they can be happy and healthy themselves. Because Gaia has taken good care of them. And because we have taken good care of Gaia ourselves.

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An Herbalist Advice: Five Herbs to Grow


When it comes to obtaining herbs for healing yourself or others, it might be hard to track down or it might take days or weeks to get to you in the mail. There is a simpler way to obtain herbs, grow them yourself. I know that it sounds hard to do, but in all honesty, it isn’t hard at all. Granted, I actually love gardening. But when it comes to growing herbs in your own herb garden there are five major ones that you must always have on hand and be growing because they are used the most.

  1. Calendula (Calendula officinalis)- also known as pot marigold, this annual flower can easily grow from seeds inside a sunny spot. The fresh flowers are not only great for healing, but they also taste great inside salads and cooked foods. Dried, they can be used in teas or even for gargling when you have a sore throat. Did you know, that in Germany, the doctors apply preparations of the herb to surgical incisions and other wounds that are slow to heal? That is pretty fascinating.
  2. Chamomile (Matricaria recutita)- There are two different types of chamomile. The first is a German chamomile, which is an annual flower and the Roman chamomile, that is a perennial. The German variety is the one usually used in the tea that you drink and found in the herbal medicines.
  3. Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) – This a weed looking plant, that has lemon scented leaves and has a long tradition as a medicinal herb. Research has verified that it contains antiviral compounds, and clinical studies have shown that a lemon balm cream can help cod sores and genital herpes lesions heal more quickly.
  4. Peppermint (Mentha x piperita) – A lot of gardeners will tell you that this herb is easy to grow than to get rid of. A spreading, even invasive, perennial, mint is the most common in many of the herb teas. This herb can be used dried or fresh, added to foods, made into syrups or jellies. It can ease gastrointestinal spasms, nausea, and congestion. Best thing to do with this herb is to keep it in a pot, that way it doesn’t get out of control when growing.
  5. Sage (Salvia officinalis)- Sage is a very common household herb, it is used in food, herbal teas, and even in tinctures. It is easily preserved by drying bundled springs. Plant it in well drained, moderately rich soil and full sun, the sage will bloom around June and draw clusters of bees. In the shade, it tends to pout. Sage tea can be used to gargle for sore throats, mouth ulcers, and gingivitis.