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Book Club: October

For the month of October I wanted to choose a psychological thriller that took place around an abandoned school, that deals with an unexpected “suicide”, spirits, and a woman named Gloria who brings the past back into her life.

The Child Garden by Catriona McPherson is a riveting novel that will draw you from the very beginning. The story takes place around a school named Eden, that was once known as “An alternative school for happy children”. However, the school had closed its doors due to a suicide that had taken place behind its own walls. Years after it closed it became a care home, with only one neighbor named Gloria Harkness, due to the fact that her son is in the care home and she wishes to be near him.
Everything for Gloria begins to change when an old childhood friend comes back into her life, and tells her that a girl is stalking him, stating that she is from Eden. Gloria begins to unravel the past and uncovers secrets that she had never known about.

With it being October I believe that this book will keep you on the edge of your seat while you are lounging about in your home. So grab a nice hot drink, plop on the couch or bed, and dive into the world of The Child Garden, you won’t regret it.

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A Garden in the Underworld (Poem)


For thousands of years I have lived here with my husband,
For a thousand more we shall live here still.
He is the ruler of the dead,
And I am the ruler of the flowers in the hills.
Though I have not walked the hills for thousands of years,
I roam these dark garden stonewalls,
waiting and hoping for some sort of light to fall.

Alas, no light shall creep through to this dark world,
No light shall ever make my flowers grow.
Instead of light, magic makes them grow,
They grow to the end of the river of styx,
they grow around each and every river bend.
This garden of mine is divine,
This garden basks in the darkness of the underworld,
and will do so till the end of time.

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The River of Styx: Poem



I sit in the boat with my eyes glued on the river up ahead,
The sounds of the water rushing below us and his humming made everything so eerie.

The paddle raised out of the water,
then slowly went back in,
guiding us up this long river of the dead.
The man behind me stared blankly at the formation of the rocks,
with a stoic look on his face and a voice that hummed a song.
Before I knew it the boat had stopped,
the voice of the man behind growled “This is where you get off.”
One step onto the rocky terrain,
I knew this is where I will stay.
For the man behind these gates,
Is the one who holds my soul in his jars made from clay.

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Book Club: October


In the spirit of Halloween, for the month of October I’ve chosen a classic thriller/horror book. Many of you have heard of this movie, the famous rendition starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall. However, there are many who have never realized that it was adapted from the book that was written by the most famous psychological thriller author, Stephen King.

Jack Torrance arrives at the Stanley Hotel with his wife, Wendy, and his son, Danny. Jack comes to the town to interview for the winter caretaker, and uses his time at the hotel to write. The events that come about are transpired by the fact that the hotel is buried on a Native American burial site, which disturbs the ancestors and brings about the events to come. Danny, Jack’s son, has premonitions about the hotel being engulfed with blood that pours out of the elevator. Besides the premonitions, there is an eccentric Chef who tells Danny to stay away from room 237, and also uses telepathy to communicate with Danny throughout the story. The most common word from the both the story and from the movie, makes its appearance during a moment of the story, “redrum”.

This story is an instant classic when it comes to psychological thriller/horror genre. Stephen King has definitely created a masterpiece and to read it lets your mind go insane and let you witness it first hand, whereas the movie (albeit very awesome) has you separated from the characters. The Shining is available in almost every public library near you, and easily accessible online.