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Noor (Poem)

She is a glimmer in my eye,
has been since the dawn of time,
for she is the daughter I foresee in my mind,
a lovely child with an infectious laugh,
brown curls that drip down her back,
She is only but a fantasy at this point in time,
however, I do know
that when I meet my partner
we will meet in the cosmos and bring about
this daughter of ours to life.

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The Journal Entry (Poem)

Oh, how beautiful is she?
She is a beauty that no one else has ever seen,
One that comes once in a million years.
She shines from the inside out,
Deep from the purest heart her body keeps caged and locked away,
Something so grand has caught me, leaving me vulnerable to the elements.
Oh, help me.
For she could never love someone like me,
A mess locked away in a three piece suit,
Sheltering my heart away,
Keeping her at bay,
And myself safe,
Safe from rejection.

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Music of the Forest (Poem)


Saunter through the forest,
As you listen to the winds whisper a little prayer.
Watch the leaves dance,
As everything around you becomes a blur.
There is a but a moment of silence in this place,
In that moment,
All your hopes and dreams come alive.

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I Want (Poem)


I want to end up in the middle of nowhere,
away from the world,
and for a little while
just disappear.

I want to find a little spot,
start a campfire,
and watch the stars in the night sky.

I want to listen to the rain drizzle,
hit the top of the tent,
as you cuddle in my arms.
That is what I want.


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A Garden in the Underworld (Poem)


For thousands of years I have lived here with my husband,
For a thousand more we shall live here still.
He is the ruler of the dead,
And I am the ruler of the flowers in the hills.
Though I have not walked the hills for thousands of years,
I roam these dark garden stonewalls,
waiting and hoping for some sort of light to fall.

Alas, no light shall creep through to this dark world,
No light shall ever make my flowers grow.
Instead of light, magic makes them grow,
They grow to the end of the river of styx,
they grow around each and every river bend.
This garden of mine is divine,
This garden basks in the darkness of the underworld,
and will do so till the end of time.

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The Tale of Cleopatra and Marc Antony (Poem)


The lover has passed,
leaving her majesty all alone.
She fumes in anger,
as she sits upon her throne.
The only subject who has her attention,
is her son who craves complete affection.
Day after day,
night after night;
the place in her bed,
is empty just like part of her heart.

One day,
a warrior came back into her life.
A man she knew once before,
when her lover was alive.
In front of her majesty,
this majestic man stood before her.
His tall stature,
His brown eyes,
brought women to their knees.
This happened to her majesty,
but only internally.
One look upon this mighty soldier,
and she fell in love.
She wished to conquer his heart,
and he wished to do the same.

She reigned over Egypt,
she conquered the soldier’s heart.
But in this tale,
it starts with a sad ending,
it ends with it as well.

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Safest Place (Poem)


These walls that surrounds us,
holds secrets and lies.
None of us pay attention to them,
we just continue to pile more inside.
A single drop of a pin,
and the walls will know.
The smallest sound,
will create a new rumor for others to hear.
We close our mouths,
We become deaf to those around.
The only place the walls cannot see or hear from,
Is our mind.